The Best of Couples // Engagement + Anniversary Sessions in 2018!

I feel like I said this same thing last year, but I have to say it again… I have no idea how on earth I get SO LUCKY with SUCH AWESOME couples!!! You guysssssss! Putting this post together was H-A-R-D! When you have 24 engagement/anniversary sessions with twenty four very different, unique, amazing, beautiful, wonderful couples….and the task at hand is to choose “A FEW” top favorite images from each one… it is daunting!

This post is slam packed full of couples I love and adore so so much! Some were married in 2018, which means I got to spend time with them more than once this past year! While others are tying the knot now, in 2019, which means I get to see them again soon!!

This post is a BIG ‘UN y’all, so get ready for the scrollllllll :)


Starting off my 2018 year with engagement sessions was none other than Emily and Alan!! These guys here were/ARE two of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met!! Their engagement session was a touch on the chilly side, but oh so good! And I was loving that wide open field!!

Emily and Alan were married in May at The DeLeon Event Space, you can see their wedding here!

Next up…. on their own private property no less! Came Laura and Blake!! This property…these two lovebirds…their connection… Yeah, I was obsessing! Wanna see their full, country home style engagement session, check it out here!

Laura and Blake tied the knot in October, and it was a gorgeous day full of sunshine! You can see it here!

Lauren and Andrew!! Their engagement session, on the property of where they eventually tied the knot in October was one of the coldest days, ever! We three just about froze! What ended up being highly ironic was that on their wedding day? Frigid temps….dropping temps….and heavy sleeting by the night!! The joke became that I brought the cold weather with me, since it had happened on both their engagement session and wedding day… haha…. oops!

You can see their chilly wedding day at Weston Barn Farm, here!

Next up came Kim and Dylan! Two people I know in my personal life!! These two later on in 2018 tied the knot in Hawaii, but there engagement session happened right here in the heart of the Midwest!

Check out their golden sunshine engagement session in full over here!

Ashley and Joe! Their engagement session was a pretty and windy day! Their wedding day, which happened in May, was gorgeous beyond words….just a teeeensy bit on the smothering heat side. Ha! It was totally worth it! See their gorgeous wedding day here!

For Lacey and David, their wedding day took a slight turn when it A: got a tad bit too chilly, and B: rained! Their outdoor ceremony was moved indoors and was still absolutely gorgeous and oh so memorable! When their ceremony was over and the weather was down to a light rain - we went out and played in it a little bit for some some fun photos!! You can see that day here!

These two here, Stefanie and Scott, who did their engagement session on the same property that they married at, were my last wedding of 2018! It was a magical day!! See their wedding at Backwoods Venue here!

Taylor and Jason!! These two are beyond awesome, and beyond cute! They chose to do their engagement session on their own farm, and holy crap I was obsessing over it all! Scooting across cattle fields in Jason’s truck and leisurely choosing spots all on our own, chasing the sunset… YES!! These two get married this year, and I absolutely cannot wait!! If you want to see their full engagement session on the farm, go here!

Next came Alexandria and Mike! I still remember when these two walked into the Headrush Coffee that we initially met at…. they ordered bubble teas before coming to join me at the table, so I got a little sneak peek into their lives as they stood in line and what I noticed was that they constantly touched, giggled together, Mike kissed Alexandria’s forehead A LOT… I was bursting in my chair. I knew I wanted them to be one my couples in that very moment, and I’m so so glad they are!!! I can’t even wait for their June wedding!!
Their full engagement session at The Nelson Atkins and some over at Loose Park can be seen here!

Jessica and Robert!! These two were two of my most adventurous from this year, and I was so so loving the fact that they were all for being in that creek water! Their precious little girl even joined us at the tail end of their engagement session for a few family photos! These two tied the knot at The Vox Theatre, see it here!

Oh Yuki and Anton……..a couple that again, from the second I met them, I desperately wanted them to be one of my couples! Their engagement session was full of giggles within minutes and it was SO MUCH FUN! Their wedding day at Loose Mansion was a highlight of the year for me! Adore these guys!

Kathryn and Andy!! When Kathryn told me that she really really wanted photos of her twirling in her skirt, I went a little nuts and we did a lot of things involving twirling, swishing, having her and Andy run towards each other and him spin her around haha. We had a blast! You can see their full engagement session at Loose Park here! And come September, you’ll see their wedding!!

Staci and Caleb!!! Another couple who chose to do their engagement session at their venue! Have I mentioned how much I love that?? The Legacy at Green Hills has so so many spots for photos, so having the chance to document their FULL story on the same grounds is the best! Their engagement session at The Legacy can be seen in full here!! These two get married here this year, and I can’t wait!

Next up came a hot day, but a totally worth it day, with Angel and Kyle!! We scooted around Loose Park, sweating it up, but having a blast nonetheless!! You can see their Loose Park engagement session here! These guys are one of my early weddings this year, so come April, we’ll meet again and you’ll see it all!

Ohhh Molly and Ryan!! Adore these two sooooo much! These guys were one of those situations where at the time of an initial meeting, Ryan wasn’t available! Molly blew me away almost immediately - she was in every way an ideal bride!! SO I crossed my fingers that Ryan would be at least half as cool as she is - and he is! These two are a JOYYYY to photograph, and a joy to be around! Their Weston engagement session can be seen here! I had a tough time choosing only a few to share in this post! Can’t wait for their wedding this year!!

Another oh so fun couple right here, Ashley and Bryan!! These guys were all about being snugly and cute at their creekside engagement session (see it here!), and if you know me, you know I love snugly couples!! These guys get married this year in June, and it’s going to be a great day!

Next up came Bailey and Anthony! A couple who booked me prior to meeting, so when we met for their engagement session it was the first time we had met in person!! I loved them both basically the second we introduced ourselves!!! These two are SO MUCH FUN to be around, and documenting their love story has already been one of the best shoots for me, ever! I most definitely can’t wait for their wedding day!!
See their full joyful and adventurous engagement session here!

When you combine a couple like Amber and Andrew….perfect beyond words warm sunshine, late fall colors, and the A GAME they brought to their session….it’s a good day y’all. See their glowy fall engagement session here, and come back in May for their wedding!

I immediately grin when I think of Katie and Matt…. the ways our personalities mesh are so unexpected, and I love it so much!! These two are a BLAST to be around, and their colorful fall engagement session, which you can see here, was so so soooo fun! They’ll be tying the knot in my birthday month this year! JULY! And I can’t wait!

Next up we have Callie and Brandon! Another couple whom I didn’t meet prior to their engagement session! We ended up with a verrryyyy cold day in Kansas City, but the ways in which these two rolled with it was superb!! I am beyond obsessed with their images!! See their full KC engagement session here!

Another wayyy chilly day was what we had for Samantha and Derek’s engagement session! Poor Samantha had chattering teeth oh so often, but regardless, they rocked their engagement session!! You can see the full thing right here! These guys are actually my first wedding this year, and I can’t wait to see them again in March!!

Next up came Emily and Erin! Kansas City had gotten a good bit of snow weeks prior to their engagement session, but by the time their day rolled around… most, but not all! had melted! I was so excited when we found a small amount in a spot with gorgeous light! These two had it all - cute outfits, warm beautiful light, a little bit of snow…………and a Star Wars touch. YEP!! Check out their engagement session here to see what I mean! Can’t wait for their big day this year!

Melissa and Brett got pretttyyy lucky considering how late in the year their engagement session was and the fact that the temps were mid to upper 40’s! And I myself got lucky with the weather as well as with them! These two are so easy going, laid back, and fun to be around! Their engagement session at a historical site can be seen here! These two are another couple tying the knot in my birthday month!!

Lastttttt engagement session of 2018 ended with Abby and Paden! We had a cold day y’all, a pretty dang cold day. But ya know what else we had?? Perfect light and tons of fun! I’m crazy about this couple, and their wedding day is one I’m so looking forward to! Their full winter engagement session can be seen here!

Anddddddddd that’s it, you guys!!! A year full of so many love stories! Documenting the initial part of their overall story, and loving every single second of it!! Every single couple in this entire post means the world to me!! I’m so grateful for them all!

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