An Intimate Wedding Day at Loose Mansion, Kansas City // Yuki + Anton


Wedding reception toasts are one of my favorite times during a wedding day. It's always a chance to hear really special stories and intimate details of the lives of my couples from the people who know them best. And quite honestly, it’s usually a time to shed a few tears, in spite of my efforts to not do that. All those things and more were true as Anton's family told stories of Anton's life choices through the years. His questionable decisions on food, the crazy things he's done as he went from a little tot to an adult. The thing they all said was the best decision of Anton's life though, was asking Yuki to be his wife. For the short time I've known these two, I have to wholeheartedly agree on that.

Then came Yuki's Dad to the stage, and his own tales of a little girl, his little girl. How in elementary school an assignment had been to describe what you want to be when you grow up. Little Yuki had said she wanted to be just like her Mom, and a Mom herself to her own babies, as good as her own Mom was. And, she wanted to marry a man just like her Dad. Yuki's Dad explained how he didn't feel he and Anton looked alike, talked alike, had the same jobs, etc etc - but at the end of the day, the thing they shared that was easily the most important, most alike, and all that really mattered - was how deeply they love Yuki. This they share, this being the key factor in knowing that in fact, Yuki did marry a man just like her sweet Dad after all.

Congratulations to these two sweet, sweet souls, who I am so very thankful to now know!

Loose Mansion makes for one seriously classy location for weddings, y’all!

Of all things I love….we all know I love shots like the next two the most. JOY FOR DAYS!!

As if their whole day wasn’t magical enough already, Yuki + Anton surprised all their family and friends with a stunning first dance!!!