photographer for the joyful, crazy-in-love couples

who love those real and authentic moments that fool everyone into believing a photographer wasn’t even there

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hey friends, I’m Elizabeth!

I’m a small town Carolina girl happily rooted in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm a daydreamer, loud laugher, explorer and lover of goosebump-inducing moments. And I get to document joy for a living! I consider myself a storytelling wedding photographer for joyful life loving couples who are absolutely, crazy-in-love. You can bet your bottom I'll cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, and take photos of all the things. I’m here to photograph the real moments, the love and the laughter, and all those authentic in-between moments.

As your photographer I’ll make sure you guys laugh, have fun, and feel like a million bucks. And you’ll make me tear up because I’m an emotional sap but also because you’ll do so dang good in front of my camera. I’ll get all sorts of wrapped up in the story of you and your love because I think that’s how I photograph you best. And I’ll give you photos that shout - we are the greatest love story that ever lived. Because y’all are.


think of our time together as
a group adventure

(with me as the giddy third-wheel)

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are we a match made in heaven?

When you think about your wedding photography, is having a great experience as important to you as the photos themselves? Do you love authentic and candid images? Do you fear you’re awkward in front of a camera? Do you guys love to laugh together, have lots of inside jokes, and are simply just the best of friends? Does wandering through a field at sunset with your person sound like straight up magic even if your dress gets a tad dirty or the wind plays with your hair — as long as your hands are wrapped up in each others, that’s all you care about!?

Maybe you guys like the elegant just fine, but you love the everyday, especially when the everyday is together. If asked, you’d both choose a cozy campfire over a flashy night out. And the only thing you argue over is where to go for dinner, even though you both know, you’ll just end up at Chipotle again for the third time that week.

Are you nodding your head over and over right now or what!?




from the sweetest souls



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