professional third wheel who’s obsessed with all things true crime on Netflix, cats, & love stories like yours

I’m originally from a tiny dot on a map in the foothills of North Carolina, and while I love the city, I’m totally still that small town girl at heart.

I overly use exclamation points!!! Love sunshine, clouds and rainy days all at different times. I can be random and quirky, sometimes mistaken as shy. I’m an extroverted introvert, an INFJ, and a enneagram 4! I have a slight tendency toward awkwardness, an irrational fear of ladybugs, and I tend to get excited over everything — especially animals, mostly cats!!

Basically if you're quirky, laugh easily, love cats, and have a streak of awkwardness — we're probably going to be best friends.



a little more about me


Of all things, I wanted to be an actress long before my photographer dream was realized. Though a camera was in my hands from an early age, being a “professional wedding photographer” was something I thought didn’t exist.

When a girl I barely knew asked me to shoot her wedding back in 2004 — I didn’t even own the proper gear, but that wedding was really what struck the strongest chord for me. Once a fun hobby to a paid side job, to working for photography studios, to a hiatus that led to one day realizing I couldn’t sit in a gray cubicle of corporate America for forever — ELP was born out of a culmination of a lot of things, and a lot of dreams.

If I’m not out on an adventure, gleefully taking photos of couples in love, then I’m at home editing photos (equally gleefully) in yoga pants and a cozy sweatshirt, coffee and cats nearby, chances are with a true-crime docuseries on Netflix playing in the background.

If I’m doing none of those things, you’ll likely find me shopping at one (or all) of my favorite places — TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Homegoods. En route to Chick-fil-a or the closest coffee shop. Devouring a good book. Behind the wheel of Roxie (yes, I named my car!) out exploring old roads. Or on a bike ride, a walk, a jog, or a Netflix binge with my hubby and our ginger babies (kitties only take part in Netflix binges of course).


coffee (decaf!), cats, candles, chipotle,

canon, cookie dough, chick-fil-a

(notice a theme here!?)


Meet the kids!


Dublin aka Bubba

Loves food and having our bed all to himself. Would rather nap than play. Kind of a grump, but a big baby underneath all that chub. Will bite you with little to no warning and for seemingly no reason at all. Probably means well but his meanings come with sharp teeth. Does not have cat claws, has instead, eagle talons. 13lb great and elusive orange whale.


Phillip aka Phillydill

Definitely the wild child, and totally my favorite (don’t tell the others). If something crashes, it was Phillip’s fault. Carries toys in his mouth as well as grapes and ice cubes. Head-butts with force, plays hard, loves hard, naps hard. Drools when intense cuddles are in session. The one who’s most scared, and ironically most curious.


Fiona aka Teensy

Lives her life equally in a constant state of FOMO and entirely in her own world. Her head always on a swivel, nickname can sometimes be Stevie Wonder. The smallest in size, with the loudest in purrs of all three. Squeaks when she’s in trouble. Softest fur ever. Loves food even more than Dublin and will at least attempt to eat most anything.


Meet Wes!

He’s the non-farmer Iowa guy to my non-southern belle Carolina girl. We met in an office and connected over our shared love of reality competition-style television. First date to a fancy Italian restaurant where I shredded the edge of the tablecloth with my bare hands out of nervousness. Surprise proposal on a beach in San Diego — mere hours after I had been stung by a jellyfish (#truestory). We tied the knot outside in Kansas City, in the most perfect month of the whole year — October. The thing we do best together, is laugh. We thoroughly enjoy living in our little corner of the world with our 3 fur babies, in a quiet neighborhood in Kansas City, close to the city, but far enough away to have a whole slew of trees behind our house. We love traveling as much as possible, grabbing coffee together, reading, or exploring on hikes and trails! You might catch him with me at your wedding, he sometimes tags along to assist! His specialties are carrying #allthethings, golf-cart driving, and helping your Grandma around.


Random Facts

about ya girl


at the heart of it

Honestly, my “why” stems from the fact that life is too dang short to do anything other than something that lights you up. And there is just something about the magic of a wedding day and the magic of love between two people that is unparalleled. Whether you stand before your closest friends and family or stand surrounded by nothing but nature and vow forever - those moments are full of a goodness that is hard to find. This “job” of mine is about preserving moments that tell a greater story. Pretty little details, gorgeous wedding dresses, all of it has its place and I love photographing it all - but the highest, most top-shelf favorite among favorites is photographing your love for each other. And a love story like yours my friend, is a collection of moments worth saving.




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