A Fall Wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club // Lacey + David

You never plan for rain on your wedding day, obviously it isn’t the most ideal situation, but sometimes it happens, and in my experience….even when it happens, even when it changes things - two outcomes are inevitable.

1. Rain creates a whole other level of magic, an unexpected kind of magic
2. You and your person still get married, the vows + promises are all the same

For Lacey and David, dark and stormy Midwest skies gave way to huge storms and rain all morning on their wedding day. It ultimately forced their outdoor ceremony inside due to squishy grounds. Though the rain stopped in the afternoon, the spot for their outdoor ceremony was entirely too water-logged to have things happen there.

But that break in storms though? It was a blessing. It allowed for them to share their first look outside. It allowed for most all their portraits to happen outside, as well as their bridal party and their family photos!

When it was almost time for their ceremony to begin - now indoors, here came those massive storms yet again, and this time they came back even harder. But this is where a bit of magic happened too….seeing these two standing in front of floor to ceiling windows - their family and friends watching lovingly, and seeing that heavy rain fall outside the windows behind them. Magic.

And as mentioned, their ceremony still happened just as it would have - their nearest and dearest still sat witnessing every moment. Lacey still cried on the arm of her Dad as they walked down to David. Their vows still held the same promises. They still giggled as they placed endless circle bands on each others fingers. They still tied that big official knot.

And when all was said and done, and that rain was still falling outside - it seemed entirely necessary - we three headed outside armed with umbrellas for a few playful celebratory shots to remember the magic that rain brings to a wedding day, to their wedding day.

Congratulations to Lacey and David!