DeLeon Event Space Wedding + Reception // Emily + Alan

Emily and Alan...a couple who have been a part of each other's lives for well over a decade. When mutual friends introduced these two it was an immediate and natural connection - where have you been all this time each wondered. Emily's military career separated them for quite some time and that physical distance did nothing but make them closer. How is it possible that I feel so close to you when you are so far away each of them wondered. 

After all that time, all the culmination of those days and weeks and months and years - it led these two people to this very day in which they had been planning for and dreaming of for so long. In a cozy chapel they each walked down an aisle separately, said vows that each will always cherish, and walked back up that same aisle together, hand in hand. 

Congratulations to Emily and Alan!

The amazing team behind this perfect day! 

Ceremony + Reception Venue | The DeLeon Event Space + Chapel
DJ | Fernando Productions
Cake | Creative Cakes by Sandy
Catering | Olive Events


Photography | Elizabeth Ladean Photography | Instagram | Facebook

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