The Best of Weddings in 2018! // PART ONE

The memories I have from the 2018 wedding season are freakin’ unmatched, y’all.

This season of weddings and all their details, the couples who became instant new friends, the times in which I was crying behind my camera - it’s all in here! Well, half of it anyways! This post would have been ridiculously long had I put them all in there, so I split 2018 wedding faves in half! This is just part one! Yuppppp that means there’s more coming! :)

There is so so much magic on a wedding day. That magic in the air is easily one of my favorite things to experience. Images aside, it’s the FEELINGS!

Portraits of my brides and grooms are the obvious and most favorite part of wedding days, but there’s so much more than that part that stands out to me. It’s the getting ready part - where a bride and a groom is preparing to marry their person. It’s the details, the pretty little details, that a bride took the time to put together and all those pretty little things are all what make her a bride! It’s the stealing glances between a dad and his daughter… a mom and her son. It’s the poking fun that the guys dish out to their best friend as he prepares to marry his girl. It’s the stories that the bride and her girls sit around and tell.

It’s the ceremony itself - the part of the day we’re all waiting for, the part it’s all leading up to, the part that takes the feelings, emotions, and electricity from one spot to a completely different spot.

It’s the fun portraits with you and your bridal party - everyone so dang joyful and having so much fun. It’s the portraits with the sweet families, and knowing that these group photos are quite honestly, typically, some of the only family photos they will take - or some of the last ones they will take. This stuff matters, friends. It so matters.

It’s the receptions where you just CELEBRATE. The smiles never stop, I stand back giggling, knowing their all so exhausted but just want to enjoy every moment, and dance til their feet fall off.

It’s everything, you guys! This whole job, it’s literally everything!

Hannah in her wedding dress, the moment after all the zipping was done - that shot there on the left was such a highlight for me!! Then right below…her Mom having the weight of that moment hit her, oh I love love love her expression!

I had no idea bride Sarah and her girls had just pulled up outside, I just happened to be out there at the time…. The shot of sweet Sarah walking into the church with her girls is definitely one of my faves from the 2018 season!

…..also, the church Sarah and Austin married in, - St. Joseph’s Parish - easily one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen!


Speaking of beautiful things - Sarah and Austin’s reception at Weston Red Barn Farm, holy moly. I was obsessing to say the least!

These high and direct sun, mid day portraits made me a tad nervous but 2018 taught me that I actually really like shots in direct sun, and I most certainly like all of Sarah and Austin’s direct sun photos!!

Ashley’s bridal details, and getting-ready photos of her and her Mom are some of my favorites, ever!

Let’s also talk about the location that Ashley and Joe married in! This is easily one of the single most magical locations I’ve ever seen for a wedding!

YES, Amber’s wedding dress has some blue streaks in it…..something I had never seen until her big day and holy wow I loved it!!

Dad and Daughter first looks y’all…. oh they get me right in my feels every single time!

As you can see…..Amber and Zach giggle… A LOT. They giggled through their ceremony and through all their portraits, and I for one, was all about it!

Bailey’s J-O-Y on her wedding day….hours before she married Ben, I swear, I loved it so so much!

Notttttttt to mention……….Ben’s reaction…when he saw Bailey for the first time, coming down that beautiful church aisle on the arm of her Dad. I hope you can hear Ben’s gasps of amazement through these images!!

Bailey’s upper body strength to floof her own dress and hike that sucker up and spin - miraculous, and oh so gorgeous!

Winning cake topper of 2018 goes to Bailey and Ben and their bulldog bride and groom!!

Those first looks you guys….oh my heart.

The unexpected downpour outside had Haley and her sisters, and Mom all watching from upstairs - fingers crossed it would stop. While it didn’t…the show went on, as you’ll see, and in my opinion, it was all the more magical because of those raindrops!

As you’ll also see - the rain stopped just after the ceremony! Which took us to a field of flowers and gave us the opportunity for some more magical images!

The below shot of Taiylor is one of my most favorite bridal portraits….ever. It was such a big moment, she had just gotten into her dress and the weight of the moment was so tangible to everyone in the room!! This photo has done nothing but confuse me because I still can’t choose which I like better - color, or black+white!!

Stellar cake art…by the lovely, Mary, with Cardinal Cake Co! Just look at this beauty!!

If you made it to this point - you’re a rockstar!! Trying to choose “A FEW” favorite of favorties from the 2018 wedding season was crazy difficult!! This is only about half! I’ve spared you the endless scroll of putting them all into one post! Which means, The Best of Weddings in 2018 PART TWO is coming up next!!! :)