The Best of Weddings in 2018! // PART TWO

Guys! Here we go again - the best of weddings in 2018… more of those epic moments - the big ones, the little ones. More of my favorite couples’ most special days! Everything I mentioned in yesterday’s post - Best of Weddings in 2018, Part One! - it holds true again for part two today. That MAGIC y’all. Everything that seems obviously magical on a wedding day is just that, but it’s always more than that!

This post is definitely going to work-out your scrolling hand, but it’ll be well worth it I hope!

Starting off this post is a moment I swear I’ll never forget! Yuki, that sweet girl, was going down the stairs of Loose Mansion, on her way to see her almost-husband Anton, for the first time that day….and I was standing on the upper landing. I looked over and that MOMENT hit me - this picture means so much to me! It’s moments like these that stand out on wedding days!

When you burst into joyful tears the second you are announced as husband and wife - and your official husband pulls you in for the biggest, sweetest, most loving hug………. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Speaking of crying… When Yuki’s precious Dad lost it during his toast, which in turn made Yuki lose it, man…you wanna talk about a room full of people choking back tears!

When I turned around and realized that both Dad’s were chatting over their kids’ childhood photos…I basically couldn’t snap this photo fast enough.

First look feels……….my favorite feels!

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s Shelby and Zach!!

When you’re super sweet Grandma Sue, is your maid of honor….. love!

This photo might not seem like anything special….it’s far away, you might question what the point even is. But, this is Jim, and Jim is Samantha’s Grandpa, and he was in charge of the music for Samantha and Brenton’s wedding ceremony - and something about all that, and this moment, and Gpa Jim sitting in his spot - ready to hit play for his granddaughter - it felt like a moment that needed to be documented!

Let’s also be sure to point out that Samantha and Brenton had one of the most beautifully emotional wedding ceremonies I have ever witnessed, and it was purely magical!

First looks feels….again!! Heartttt eyesssssssss.

Laura and her sweet Dad’s first look together….goodness. One of my favorite moments ever, just wait til you see!

Let’s talk about when Blake surprised most everyone and joined the band - and his wife of only a few hours, Miss Laura….fan girled….like crazy, and it was awesomeeeee!!

When the bridesmaids get to see the beautiful bride in her dress….for the first time, ever!

You might not be able to tell…..but it was absolutely, positively freezing…sleeting….with 40mph winds. But nonetheless, these two gorgeous people rocked these photos and that coldddd wind made it even better!

After a highly emotional (in the sweetest way possible) first look with his beautiful daughter, Libby…. he walked back in the house, and the first thing he did was hug his wife, Libby’s sweet mom. It was the perfect moment!


Libby went from a precious first look with her Dad, to her and Brian seeing each other for the first time….one big moment right after another. Just watch the progression of Brian’s face! I love it!!

Love these moments!!

Once again, if you made it to the end - you are a rockstar!! I hope you’ve enjoyed looking back over the 2018 wedding season as much as I have! So much pretty! So much love! So much magic!

Now tomorrow you simply must return - because tomorrow brings the biggest post of all…..the behind the scenes of 2018!!

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