Monday Musings, edition nine | spring blossoms, couples in love, gorgeous spaces, + dying yoga pants


I just want to start this Monday Musings post off with 2 special announcements, or warnings, however you want to look at it. 

  • 1. My favorite pair of yoga pants is developing holes. This is a problem, folks. These pants have been with me for many moons, and they can't be replaced unless I find an exact same pair, which is proving to be not so possible. The brand is Green Apple. They are fitted, black in color, smooth like butter, with skinny ankles, and a kicky waistband. If you see them - you txt me, promptly. And before someone asks..."Why not just get a pair of Lularoe leggings?" - for SHAME. Green Apple trumps Lularoe. Don't even play.
  • 2. I'm running out of coffee. As in, I was scrapping the bottom of the barrel this morning, and tomorrow I'm gonna go ahead and call it - will be a one-cup coffee day, not my typical two-cup, due to low rations. Send help. 
  • >> This past Saturday was one of my only Saturday's off for a while, and some friends of ours came into KC for a visit. They have 2 young kiddos...So that meant that Wes and I spent a few frantic Google searches looking for "kid friendly activities in Kansas City". We don't have to entertain human-kids too often, and entertaining our furry-child is easy - give him a cardboard box. 

We landed on Science City in Union Station, in downtown Kansas City. We were there for like 3 hours! Truthfully, we all had fun, kids + adults alike. There were a lot of behind-the-scenes on my Instagram story....including me, rolling around in one of the craziest chairs I've ever encountered. If you're a non-follower of my Instagram, and you missed this video, then you really missed out on something funny, and you should be ashamed. And you should also go follow me right now, so you can keep up with such random happenings! 

  • >> Spring is soooo in full swing in KC and I am loving every second of it! Flowering trees are such a GIFT y'all, I mean really, don't you agree!? Camping out under a flowering tree and taking photos through all those blossoms of a couple in just doesn't get any better than that! See said example below..... 


  • >> Moreover, putting anyone in, under, by, around, or between flowering trees just wins, it all wins. This is Megan. She's a fashion blogger in KC, and though her and I have been working together for over a year now, you don't typically see her face around these parts much. Being a wedding photographer numbero uno - I don't want to confuse the masses by posting endless fashion style photos on my blog, and I do mean endless - Megan and I get together once a month, every month, and sometimes twice a month for her blog fashion photoshoots! Isn't she a doll though!? 


  • >> If you're looking for an update on my website overhaul/refresh - the update is basically the same as last Monday Musings post. It's still happening, little by little. I think I hit a wall, no, I know I hit a wall. I was trying so hard to make it happen, force it out, and heyyyy guess what, that doesn't work. So I took a step back. When an idea or a thought bubble pops up, I log in, make the change, realize I like it, click save, and move on. I'm letting this overhaul/refresh process come all on its own, instead of forcing it out. Sooo, just know that one day my friends, oneeee'll get to see it all ;)

Sidebar: How keen is your eye? Hmm??? If it's super keen, then you know that there are some changes to the site that are live already..... mwahahahaaaaa.. Do you know what they are? 

  • >> Engagement sessions are still rolling through over in my neck of the woods these days, here's another couple shots I loved from my time with Samantha and Jared recently! 


  • >> Wedding season also opened back up for me a couple of weeks ago! It'll be pretty much full speed ahead now until end of November...possibly carrying over into mid December, we'll see how things pan out! 

Here's a few faves from my most recent wedding - a day that was guaranteed to be raining, and oh it did rain...all morning, and all through my drive to their venue. But the second I turned onto the street that the venue is stopped raining. Talk about miracles! 



  • >> Ya know what else has been happening?? Open houses! Well, just one, but still, it was big and awesome! Eighteen Ninety is easily one of my favorite venues in the Kansas City area, and any time spent with them, is a greaaaat time. Before the show got started, I did some new marketing photos for them to show off their newest space, and these shots should really give you an idea of just how mega-awesome this place is! 


  • >> That show brought about some super fun brides, and also some super fun new industry friends!! I met a cake designer who I'm going to go have a one-on-one meeting with this week, and I kinda love her! Her name is Mary, and she's the genius behind all the delicious cakes and goodies at Cardinal Cake in Blue Springs, MO. Her personality is simply the best, and I'm sooo glad we crossed paths! 
  • >> Another new friend was Ashley, with Wild Hill Flowers! I knew of Ashley, but hadn't met her before, and oh my goodness is she so special! She has the friendliest personality and warmest heart, and she's another person I'm so thankful to have met! I'll be seeing her again, and her sweet boss (owner, Jenni!) in two weeks, and I can't wait!! 

Here are a few shots of both of those awesome people's stuff! 



  • >> Last thing for today is to mention that TOMORROW NIGHT...something big is happening. The incredible tv show...Prison returning. Oh my stars!! If you aren't a fan of Prison Break, or if you have absolutely no idea what I'm even talking about...go now, to Netflix, or Amazon, or something, I don't care...just find it, all 4 seasons, and watch them all back to back. You gotta be ready for tomorrow night, cause it's going to be epic!!! 

Okay this was incredibly long, thanks for sticking with me! KBYE. ;)