Monday Musings, edition two | esession, date night, house-cleaning, a lizard + more

Hey guys!! Can we start off today's Monday Musings with the simple question of WHERE IS FALL?? We keep getting little hints and glimmers of the hope of Fall here in Kansas City, but then the next day it'll be way too muggy to be middle of September. What's happening. Oh that's right, that's just how the Midwest is. I even tried to will Fall in, by swapping out my flip flops and sandals for my new pair of booties! 

>> I have yet to pull out my decoration for Fall.....which I really, really want to do, but I just can't until the crispy air is a little more consistent!! Have you guys already decorated for fall??

>> Friday evening Wes and I decided to have a little date night! We ventured down to Brookside - an area of KC I had YET to explore, and whoa I've been missing out! Do I love Brookside? YES. Am I ready to put our house on the market and move to Brookside? YES. We had a delish little dinner at The Brooksider, just the two of us, and man oh man was that little date night much overdue!

>> Also, it's worth mentioning.. For our date, it made the most sense for me to drive down to Wes's work, meet him there, and us take one car on down to Brookside. If you know my story, you know that Wes's my old workplace. And what you might not know, is that I haven't ventured back in that place since leaving last October to pursue FT photographer life. SO...I went upstairs you guys. It was awkward at first, not going to lie. But I made it a point to go up a little before 5pm to visit with my old coworkers, see some new faces, and check in with most everyone! The awkwardness faded fast, it was great to see everyone, and it was a good reminder of how blessed I am!! 

Also... Y'all should know that after dinner, Wes and I drove allllllllllll the way back home before realizing my car was not in the garage. Yup. Epic fail.  

>> I finally got around to picking up a new book to read! And by "picking up", I mean opening my own book cabinet and choosing from the wide selection I have waiting for me. The person who asks for wayyyy too many books each Christmas.....GUILTY!

The book of choice was Hannah Brencher's - "If You Find This Letter". I'm already halfway through and I'll just go ahead and recommend that you read it. You should also follow Hannah on social media, because she's a pretty awesome girl. I'm sooo glad I found her and started following her well before I started reading her book. It's even more fun to read a book when you kind of feel like you "know" the author!? 

>> Am I the only person who gets excited about new stamps!? When we run out of stamps in this house, I'm PUMPED to skip on over to the post office for new ones. Why you ask?? Only because just think of the possibilities I might have!! I loveeeee choosing new stamps! No bland American flags for me, no way - sorry, America. This time, I chose vintage trucks!! WHOOHOO! 

>> Saturday was the birthday of one of my sweetest friends - and so, myself, another dear friend, and the birthday girl got together at a local brunch style diner! It was good to take a little time away from work, regardless of the busy schedule, and just immerse myself in good friends and good conversation :) 

>> That evening, I had an engagement shoot for one of my June 2017 couples, and oh my goodness! First off... The second I first met Makayla and Curtis, their personalities totally said WEST BOTTOMS to me. If you aren't local....West Bottoms is one of the coolest areas in KC. Artsy to the brim. Old bridges, old buildings, graffiti, chipped paint, brick on brick. I can't get enough of it. So anyways.. Makayla and Curtis took my advice that I give to all my couples about dressing for your engagement session, and they arrived wearing the most perfect coordinating outfits for that area that I've ever seen! All my couples do such a great job planning their outfit selections, and sometimes...couples just blow my mind on how perfect they do! M+C stayed true to who they are, sporting cute, comfy clothing paired with Converse - and then Makayla tied a plaid shirt around her waist. You guys, it was the perfect combination to have the backdrop of West Bottoms!!  

Here's a couple sneak peeks from their shoot - and there's more on the Facebook page! 


Aren't they soooooo cute together!? AHH!

>> In other news. Wes and I spent a good chunk of Sunday attempting to clean our entire house. Yeah, the entireeeeee thing. We hadn't done so in way too long, so the thickness of dust and dirt was just ridiculous. We have a solid gameplan when it comes to cleaning! I loathe sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting. If it were up to me - those 3 things would never happen. But, Wes doesn't mind them at all! What he doesn't enjoy is cleaning the bathrooms, and I strangely enjoy that!! We make a good team ;) Even if it did take us approximately 5 hours to clean bathrooms, sweep, dust, vacuum, mow the lawn, organize some things, and somewhat clean the kitchen. 

>> In the midst of cleaning the house from top to bottom... I went into our basement to grab something, picked up a towel, and out from underneath said towel scurried...A LIZARD. I proceeded to jump around and scream like a sissy girl at a slumber party during a thunderstorm. How he got in the house, I have no idea. And while I don't necessarily want to murder the poor thing, I also much prefer he be outside! If you're wondering.....yeah, he's still in the basement somewhere. And no, I'm not going back in there. Ever again. 

>> One of my 2015 couples, - Elizabeth & Dane, are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today, so a happy anniversary post for those guys hit the blog this morning! You should probably revisit their wedding day post, as well! Find it here!

>> Coming to the blog later this week will be a cute little cake-smashing session for one-year old Raegan! And maybeeee another post, we'll see! ;) Stay tuned, friends!!

That's all for now!