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A beautiful Wedding Day at Eighteen Ninety // Samantha + Jared

Samantha and Jared have had such a wonderful start since their days of college, where they met, and where they fell in love. It's taken these two no time at all to realize the love they share, and now, they've sealed and tied a knot solidifying their future together. Her as his. And him, as hers.

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Sunny Summer Outdoor Wedding at 1890, Platte City | Arielle + Jerad

There came a moment during Arielle and Jerad's outdoor wedding ceremony when it seemed to shift into a magical silence. It was during their vows. That moment wasn't your typical silence of respect from the guests, no, it was more than that. 

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Monday Musings, edition nine | spring blossoms, couples in love, gorgeous spaces, + dying yoga pants

Monday Musings - edition 9!
This edition: spring blossoms all over! Couples in love, gorgeous spaces, and my poor pitiful dying pair of yoga pants.

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An 1890 Event Space Wedding Day | Kristy + Travis

...And then it was time...Haley Reinhart singing "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" started through the speakers, the beautiful space in the warm sun got all quiet and serene....and then here she came, and the love of her life melted into a pool of emotion.

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