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Featured in EA Magazine! / Our Woodsy Boho Inspired Styled Shoot

Excited, pumped, thrilled - just a few words to describe how I feel over our Woodsy Boho Inspired Styled Shoot from September being featured in EA Bride Magazine!!!

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Monday Musings, edition eleven | the entire month of May...whaaat!

Monday Musings - edition eleven!
This edition: The whole month of May! 4 weddings, 11 meetings, 1 anniversary session, 1 family session.
One million ticks - what? Yes you read that right.
And other random happenings you really need to read about! 

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Monday Musings, edition nine | spring blossoms, couples in love, gorgeous spaces, + dying yoga pants

Monday Musings - edition 9!
This edition: spring blossoms all over! Couples in love, gorgeous spaces, and my poor pitiful dying pair of yoga pants.

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Looking Back at 2016 | A year in review

What was 2016 like?  
Like the first time you ride your bicycle down a gigantic hill. You're anxious, nervous + excited as you start to go down, you gain momentum.....more than you anticipated, maybe more than you thought you were ready for...There's a slight panic, maybe you lose your footing for a second, but then just soak in the feeling of the wind in your hair and before you know it, you've reached the bottom, and you're coasting along just fine, unscathed. 

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What happens after your wedding? >> A photographer's process!

Ever wondered what the process is for a wedding photographer after a wedding ends!? Well I can't speak for all wedding photographers, but I can tell you how this one does things!!

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