How Having a FITBIT Has Made Me a Better Business Owner


Ever heard those catchy sayings surrounding the topic of SELF CARE like, "You can't pour from an empty cup" ...........Or, "You can't help others until you first, help yourself"

I can wholeheartedly attest to the lack of self care a business owner does to themselves - I'm walking proof of that. I feel like as a small business owner, self care becomes even harder to maintain because you are working on + in something that you created yourself, and that makes it harder to step away from, even for a little bit. Your heart is in this more so than it would be if you just were "working for the man". 

It took me a couple of years before I realized that I would sit - hunkered down - staring at my computer screen - happily mind you - for hours - without getting up. When I finally glanced toward the clock, I'd gasp....have I been sitting for 3 hours!? The answer was yes. 

I feel as though I hear it said time and time again - health is so easily ignored until it suddenly becomes not so in-tact. A primeeeee example would be my terrifying health scare of 2016 that rocked my world, you can read all about that via this Instagram post.

About a year ago, my husband and I both got ourselves a Fitbit. Nothing fancy, just their simple Alta version. Wes is far more into those things than I am - and he has since upgraded to an Apple Watch. Admittedly, at first, I wasn't too interested in this whole Fitbit lifestyle. "It looks like something from Star Trek, I don't want to wear that crap!" might have been said by me more than once. 

However, after wearing and using my Fitbit for just a few months, I quickly realized how having this Star Trek device on my wrist was helping me in a positive way. Those little top-of-the-hour buzzes that remind you "Let's go for a walk!", or "Go for 75 steps!!" have been and continue to be, so so good for me. I'm no longer sitting in my desk chair for several hours at a time. I'm way more self aware of much needed breaks - even if it's just "go for 75 steps!" that I hop up for, walk it out, and come right back. The point is, I'm giving myself a dose of self care every hour of the day.

As a business owner, and as a photographer - I know for a fact that this has made me better at being both of those things because, like I started out saying - I'm now pouring from a full cup! I can take care of my couples and my clients in a better way, I can be more joyful with them, I can edit their images with more enthusiasm, I can answer their emails more excitedly, the list goes on! 

If you're struggling with self care, or just know that you're spending way too much time in your desk chair, I totally encourage you to invest in a simple Fitbit! It's easy to let hours pass without even being aware of it, but those little buzzes from your wrist-wear will make such a difference! 

A few other tips for self care:

  • 1. // MUSIC // having music in the background is huge for me - regardless of the type, it's such a positivity inducing thing. If it's upbeat at all - let yourself dance in your chair a little. Trust me, it's good for the soul!
  • 2. // CUDDLE YOUR PET // first off, if you don't have a pet, get one bro. Secondly, remind yourself throughout the day to go give them a little cuddle. They'll appreciate it as much as you do!
  • 3. // LOOK OUT YA WINDOW // seems basic right? I don't mean just glance, man. I mean, LOOK. Take a few minutes to just stare out your window and practice some mindfulness. 
  • 4. // LAUGH! // whether it's a daily comic strip reading break, or a quick trip to the funny section of Pinterest - we all know laughing is good for you! 
  • 5. // CANDLES // this might not be for everyone, but I love loveeee having a candle glowing in my workspace. The combo of a good soft smell, combined with the vibe that a burning candle gives off is beyond relaxing and good for me! It might be good for you, too! 
    Also - major bonus points if it is a CRACKLE CANDLE. If you can handle that flickering / crackling sound....oh man, that's even more relaxing in my opinion!