2017 // reflecting back + the review of the last year

Wowwww I feel like I don't know where to begin! 2017 was SUCH an incredible, full and blessed year for this little business of mine! 

Last year I never got around to putting together a best-of post for a single category, and though at the time, it just wasn't possible because of time, or lack thereof, I'm totally bummed now that I don't have that to look back on. So much change happened within my business this year, that I knew this time around, not only was I going to make these posts happen, but I actually had the time to do them! 

In doing so, in putting these upcoming next 4 posts (yeah there's 4, GET EXCITED), but in piecing them together, I realized 3 big things. Well, one really, the first 2 I already knew, but hey they were driven riiiight on home as great reminders nonetheless! 

Okay, those 3 things are - 

  • 1. I'm so blessed, like, big time y'all.
  • 2. I LOVE what I get to do!!!!
  • 3. My editing style evolved this year...haaa.

That last one is a little hard to admit because I don't want to draw attention to this...but you might just notice it anyways! Not a big deal, I'm THANKFUL it has evolved, and I am L-O-V-I-N-G where it's at, it's just bananas to look back in like, January, and think wait...wait a minute... ha. 

If you're a photographer reading this - you get it. You know what it's like. Evolving and honing in on YOUR editing style can be a process, a big 'un. 

If you're not a photographer, just trust us when we say it's a process, a big 'un.

Aside from all that, this year I shot the most weddings I have ever shot in a single year up to this point....23 to be exact. And I feel really, really good about that - both on a professional level, and a personal level! Though, admittedly, I question if in future years I want to do less than that each year....or.....do I want to do more?? It's a back and forth conundrum. 

Within all of those weddings, I was so fortunate to shoot at such a wide variety of venues in 2017, and that was amazing! It's so refreshing to go somewhere new and feel a surge of new creativity! 


There were 25 lovely engagement and/or anniversary sessions in addition to that, and if you don't know by now....I'm obsessed with those types of sessions!! 


There was also a couple of senior sessions, which were sooooo fun - and I really hope to do more of those in the coming years, because wow! Working with, and photographing senior girls is so fun, and I feel like I get into a whole other creative zone that is so different than weddings and couples!

Lastly, though my primary focus isn't families, I always do some per year, and this year there were 12 family shoots total! Some of those were families I've worked with before, and some were newbies! After those sessions, I always end up with photos from them that make me question if I want to add in more each year! 


ALSO.....2017 involved what was, in my opinion, the most epic styled shoot everrrrr.... It was early into the year that this idea came about, and thankfully for me, a crazy-awesome girl who I've gotten super close to owns one of my favorite venues in the Northland.....so once the dream started, her and I rolled it into the biggest snowball that just kept getting bigger and better! 

I'll share the same photo I've already shared......because sharing ALL THE PHOTOS is still on hold... Why you ask, because big things are happening with that styled shoot, and until those are live, I gotta keep all the other photos under wraps! Stay tuned! Until then, just looookkkkk!


------ What else!!?? ------

  • Relationships and friendships with fellow creative-industry and strictly wedding-industry people both here in KC and beyond grew leaps and bounds, and within that, a few of those bonds grew into seriously awesome don't-know-how-I-lived-without-them-before friends! It's amazing how the creative world can bring people together, and it's something that never ever stops blowing my mind. 
  • I branched out of my comfort zone to a degree, and attended my first ever local industry-meet-up in early January....Thursday Therapy. I went into that evening fairly nervous, and ended up being one of the last ones to leave! I was shocked, to say the least, it went so well! And most surprising of all, people there KNEW who I was before I even introduced myself. Like, I'm still not sure how that kinda thing happens!?? That insanely-positive experience led me to attending 2 more of those events for the year, though had my schedule allowed, I would've gone to plenty more! 
  • I lost count of how many coffees I consumed...let's just not discuss that, shhh shhhhh.
  • I made it a few steps further into "finishing" my home office... Will it ever truly be finished!? haha, I question this, strongly.. but it's definitely further along now than it has been!! 
  • In January I had a huge Brand Coaching Session with Creme Brands that was insanely helpful and inspiring! My website saw a total and complete overhaul in June, which had been underway for quite some time.... That branding session really tipped the scales though on helping me to accomplish it! Next up!?? Logo overhaul! Get ready!! 
  • There were several virtual coffee dates, and hellllooooo those are awesome. Business up top, yoga pants down below - need I say more!? 
  • There were of course, personal trips in 2017... North Carolina as per usual, to visit my family, Colorado as well, and I finally finally finallyyyyy went to Charleston!
  • I also finallyyyy got registered and trained to volunteer at The Humane Society, and my goodness, how wonderful that was for my soul! I wish I would have had more time to volunteer snuggling those babies during 2017 aside from the time I did spend there, but! 2018 is hopefully the year I can be a part of that more!

    I pretty much never make New Years resolutions, I have hopes, and dreams, but I don't put the pressure on myself of YOU MUST DO THIS BECAUSE IT IS A RESOLUTION. So, with that being said, my hopes and dreams (+ prayers) for 2018 are that I'll become even more open to the possibilities that life puts on my path. That I'll grow more in the lifestyle of being mindful. That I'll grow better than I was yesterday in my gifts, so that I can even further give my clients incredible + memorable experiences. That I'll hone in even better on my skills and style. That I won't suddenly become allergic to coffee. 

Welcome 2018, I see you, new friend!