Monday Musings, edition eleven | the entire month of May...whaaat!

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I knew the month of May was going to get crazy, but yeesh I'm not so sure I did the best job preparing for that fact! With 4 weddings of my own, 1 assist-only wedding, 11 meetings, 1 anniversary session, 1 family session, and a random trip to Iowa....all combined with just the normal stuff like how I should probably shower at least every other day, eat and attempt working out routinely and be a normal citizen....things got bananas.

The first weekend kicked off 1 of many double-header wedding weekends for me. I say many because I seriously can't remember how many there are, and I don't want to count. Or maybe I'm scared to count. It could very well be option #2, cause...yeah. But despite the element of exhaustion, May 5th and 6th were 2 beautiful wedding days and I loved every second of them!

Jessica and Rachel tied the knot on May 5th, and with their wedding came me crying my face off. Yeah.....I've mentioned how being a wedding photographer means I get super invested in my couples, and how all of this is more to me than a business transaction for pretty photos....and how there's a chance you'll catch me wiping a tear or two on your big day. DISCLAIMER: you might also catch me dang-near sobbing.

Don't ask me what happened, cause all I know is everything I just said is true - I get invested. I love my couples. This isn't just a business transaction. Combine that with the fact that I'm a sap and boomwham - water works 101. Jessica and Rachel are two of the sweetest souls, and being around them was like being around friends every single time. Their wedding ceremony slayed my heart, and I bawled. End of story. Get off me. 

The very next day on May 6th was the wedding of Christa and Jeff, and what a perfect wedding day to follow up with one where I ugly cried at. Christa and Jeff are just FUN, and their wedding day involved not only professional pics by yours truly, but also selfies with yours truly in the back of a limo with neon green lights overhead, and wandering around downtown KC in style. Fun as heck day! Once again I've felt like friends with these two since the beginning, and their wedding day was definitely no different! Not to mention the oh so fun wedding party these guys had! 

After that double-header wedding weekend, I made sure to only schedule a handful of meetings that next week, and thennnn about mid-week, life handed me a nice basket of lemons. Let's just keep those details short since the best things of all are that 1. It all worked out. 2. I lost nothing. and 3. I only grew about 5 gray hairs because of it all. Short story: Computer issues suckkkkkkkkk.

The even better news is that we had a pre-planned trip to Iowa already lined up the following weekend, so it was oh so good for my struggling soul to get out of dodge for a couple of days, and just unwind. Un-freakin'-wind I say!

With my mother-in-law I adore so so much, we hit some fantastic antique stores and cute little boutique type stores in Valley Junction, Iowa and it was soooo rejuvenating! Aside from that, the typical stuff with my inlaws, like good food, so much laughing, board games galore, and memories I won't ever take for granted. Yeah, it was a much needed weekend away. 

The next week - which by the way, at this point we are at the week of the 15h, and if you're keeping up with that, you're a rockstar. Several meetings that week, and then Saturday the 20th was the wedding of Emily and Jon. And OH MY WILDFLOWER LOVING SOUL.

Emily and I had gotten together about a month prior to scout the grounds of Hillcrest Country Club, assigning nicknames to spots on the grounds that we felt were perfect for photos. Wanna know what those nicknames were? Of course you do!
1. The birds nest. (FAVE!!!)
2. Tree row.
3. Pond view.
4. Crooked tree.
Fun huh?

When we took off in golf carts to go hit up "the birds nest", we quickly realized that in a months time, a slewwww of amazing purple wildflowers had grown in. I almost passed out. I also whacked my head insanely hard on the roof of the golf cart - so they might have had a little something to do with that. NONETHELESS...the show always goes on, and the fact that these two were brave and willing to hike through what was probably tick-infested grass to get to these flowers makes my life, y'all. Straight up. MAKES MY LIFE. I'm beyond obsessed with Emily and Jon's photos! 

Aside from that amazingness, they also had a perfect, oh so special wedding ceremony that made my little heart pitter-patter. 3 words - clouds for days.

Emily and Jon are two of the cutest people ever and the way they dance together!?? #relationshipgoals, I kid you not. I wish I had a video clip of how they danced seconds after their cake cutting, both with a mouthful of cake, with not a care in the world. But if I had a video clip, I'd probably be a instead? YES PLEASE! 


The veryyyy next day I met for the first time Katie and Scott! 2 KC people who wanted new photos to celebrate their upcoming 5-year anniversary. Can we all just take a moment and realize how awesome that is? A photo session for your anniversary? Moreeee people should take a lesson from Katie and Scott's playbook!

Look at these sweethearts! 

A few more meetings and then Friday May 26th rounded out my month of May weddings with Britta and Patrick, at a venue I love soooo stinkin' much, and a day so beautiful! Britta and Patrick are again that type of couple who are just FUN, there really isn't a better way to say it, they just are! The grounds of The Legacy at Green Hills wowed my photographic soul, and I cannot waittttt to shoot another wedding there! Britta's dress was straight up wedding dress goals, and their end of the day sunset photos made me want to jump UP and DOWNNNN. Or maybe I did actually jump up and down...maybe I also ran around like a child. Who knows. 

Two days later I assisted a dear sweet amazing photographer friend, Lacey, with a wedding she shot at Longview Mansion, and it was so much fun! Despite the fact that we got completely......and I do mean completely.........covered............C-O-V-E-R-E-D in ticks.
I lost count of how many ticks I picked off of Lacey's solid black outfit, but it was at least high double digits. Sick sick sick sick sickkkkkkk.

That part wasn't fun, haha, but outside of that - amazing, beautiful, wonderful day for Lacey's couple, and also amazing, wonderful and fun to spend said day with my best photographer friend!! 

Memorial Day? aka: couch potato day.

And then to finish out the month of May, on the of my sweeeetttttt 2015 couples asked me to do family photos since they are now the proudest parents to one of the cutesttttt little boys I've ever laid eyes on!! AHH! Stephanie and Danny were so fun to work with on their wedding day in June of 2015, and it was great to see them again, and finallyyyy meet their precious kiddo Zachary, who I've been giggling over his cuteness on FB for months! Look at this sweet little family!!!

Kansas City-Family-Photography-SFam0531-Elizabeth-Ladean-Photography-photo_0372.jpg

Also if you want to visit Stephanie and Danny's wedding day, go here!

And now just like that, we're already in the month of June! How'd that happen!!? The biggest thing to happen so far into this new month is the fact that I released my brand new, redesigned website on June 2nd, and AHHHHHH!!!!! I'm SO happy I could cry. Maybe I have already, we won't get into all that, but oh my stars! I've never been so happy with my website as I am right this second, and even though doing all that work was maybe not the most fun thing I've ever was soooo well worth it!

I have to say again also, soooo many of you reached out via text, email, FB and Insta message etc to comment, encourage, congratulate etc etc, and it truly gave me all the feels! Thank you ALL so much!

There's a blogpost that details the entire redesign process right here, if you want to go read! 

Kansas City-Wedding-Photography-2017-Elizabeth-Ladean-Photography-photo_0358.jpg

June started off with a random weekend OFF - whaaaat!? No shoots, no instead, a morning of antiquing and then a day + night of camping! 

And that's about it y'all.. Crazyyyy month. But truly, would I really have it any other way? Nope, nah, no thanks, pass! :)

Thank you for making it all the way through this super long Monday Musings post, friends! Until next time!!!