Deer Creek Wedding | Stephanie & Danny

It was college that brought these two together, The University of Missouri - or as most around here call it, Mizzou. Stephanie's sorority and Danny's fraternity houses were right next door to one another, so their paths crossed often. Fate always has her hand in the way things pan out, and ultimately, these two ended up together.

When the time came for that next step, Danny and Stephanie were living together in an apartment. Danny's bright idea for proposal came in the form of a letter from their apartment management.. He drafted up a letter to make it look identical to a notification for service from their apartment complex and had every intention of clipping it to their mailbox the next day. The plan was, Stephanie would find it, think it was for a service... open it up to read "Will You Marry Me?" and then come inside and find Danny on one knee. Precious, right? :)

The night before the big moment, Danny had his fictitious note laying under a pile of mail he planned to put back in the mailbox. He was busily preparing dinner when he realized Stephanie was at the counter, digging through the mail. Before he could stop her, she had the note in hand - reading those all important words. In a quick swift move, Danny dropped the spoon and hit one knee on their kitchen floor - spitting out "Will You Marry Me??" as quickly as possible, ring in hand. 

Though his plan might not have gone exactly as he planned - listening to these two tell me this story brought about honest evidence - that it couldn't have happened any better. Their story is and was perfect for them, and I absolutely love it!

Their warm wedding day on June 20th was full of so much happy, and so much laughter. Danny might be the biggest goofball I've ever met, and without a doubt, Stephanie will be laughing all of her days. It is without a shadow of a doubt that Danny adores her in ways you can't even imagine. 

With gorgeous sunflowers and a bright blue sky - these two said their vows to one another. And then they celebrated the evening away with so much dancing, and so much joy. 

Stephanie & Danny - Truly, I couldn't be more thrilled that you guys chose me as your photographer. My time spent with you both has been the absolute best. You both are so much fun to be around, I'm honestly sad that our time is over! Congratulations to you both, your lives together are so full of promise!


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I really love when the groomsmen get goofy! :)

I really love when the groomsmen get goofy! :)

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They are SO. GORGEOUS.

They are SO. GORGEOUS.

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Danny has THE BEST relationship with his precious Mom - this shot is hands down, one of my favorite ever!

Danny has THE BEST relationship with his precious Mom - this shot is hands down, one of my favorite ever!

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Danny and his awesome Mom again!! :)

Danny and his awesome Mom again!! :)

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Danny and his ridiculously awesome brother, Nick. These two together are fantastic!!

Danny and his ridiculously awesome brother, Nick. These two together are fantastic!!

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A special thanks to the amazing team behind this perfect day!
Venue | Deer Creek
Hair | Allyssa Neal
Wedding Dress | David's Bridal
Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Attire | David's Bridal
Invitations | The American Wedding
Flowers | Hyvee Flowers
Cake | Hyvee Bakery
Caterer | Deer Creek
DJ | DJ Connection
Photography | Elizabeth Ladean Photography | Instagram | Facebook


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