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An Open Air Chapel Outdoor Wedding, The Pavilion KC // Taiylor + Nolan

Nolan was in his spot, outside, back turned, and ready for Taiylor to walk up behind him, for him to turn, and for them to finally see one another.

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A Rainy Wedding Day at Faulkner's Ranch, Kansas City // McKenzie + Nick

McKenzie and Nick spent their whole wedding day dodging raindrops and running for cover as storms moved in and out over and over in the skies above...And yet, despite all that, never once...not even for a little bit, did their smiles or joy fade!

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Burgundy and gold wedding // The Legacy at Green Hills // Miranda + Trent

What can you say when you're standing face to face on your wedding day - to the person you love more than anyone else? This person, this soul that you've hoped for, wished for, waited for, and prayed for.

the answer: you pour your heart out. 

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The Legacy at Green Hills Wedding Photography | Britta + Patrick

What Britta and Patrick share....You can't beat it. It's a matter of luck, of being blessed, and of being in love with your absolute best friend in this entire great big world.

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Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding | Sammie & Austin

These two spoil each other, with so much love. So, so much. This fact was so wildly evident on their wedding day. 

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Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding | Kelsey & Stuart

Kelsey and Stuart grew up just blocks from one another, and when their friendship reached a point of - "It feels weird if we don't talk at least once a day.." - they knew. And they've been together ever since.

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