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An Outdoor October Wedding at The Legacy at Green Hills // Libby + Brian

They finally shared in those much anticipated hugs and kisses, they shared letters. And shortly thereafter, they got married…they made those promises, said those vows, and moved into the phase of forever and always!

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A Rainy Outdoor Wedding at The Legacy // Haley + John

There might have been some unexpected storm clouds and thunder, downpours and steady rain showers. But the thing that matters above all those unexpected things is the thing that Haley and John expected the most from their June wedding day....They expected to get married.

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A Timeless Wedding at The Legacy at Green Hills // Courtney + Austin

Courtney's Dad said it best....Austin is the type of person who in every single element, characteristic and quality he possesses... is what Courtney's Dad ever hoped his little girl would find.

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Burgundy and gold wedding // The Legacy at Green Hills // Miranda + Trent

What can you say when you're standing face to face on your wedding day - to the person you love more than anyone else? This person, this soul that you've hoped for, wished for, waited for, and prayed for.

the answer: you pour your heart out. 

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The Legacy at Green Hills Wedding Photography | Britta + Patrick

What Britta and Patrick share....You can't beat it. It's a matter of luck, of being blessed, and of being in love with your absolute best friend in this entire great big world.

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