A Rainy Outdoor Wedding at The Legacy // Haley + John

There might have been some unexpected surprises...like storm clouds and thunder, downpours and steady rain showers. There might have been a ceremony delay. There might have been a rush to dry chairs and wipe down decorations. And, it might have started raining once again the moment the ceremony started for the second time anyways - but the thing that matters above all those unexpected things is the thing that Haley and John expected the most from their June wedding day....

They expected to get married. They expected to stand and vow forever and always together, they expected to have family and friends by their side, they expected to have the most special day, and under an umbrella hand in hand, that's just what they did, and that's just what happened. 

And the most ironic unexpected thing of all was the fact that the second they were announced as the new, husband and wife....that unexpected rain magically stopped.

After on again off again rain, Haley and John's 5:30 ceremony started, only to have all their guests hurry back out of the beautiful outdoor ceremony site and heading for cover as that unexpected rain started up yet again!

Upstairs, Haley, her bridesmaids and her Mom watched, hoped, and prayed that the rain would soon stop!

After 30 mins, all seemed clear, or clear enough as we thought - and yet, once again as the ceremony began, the rain came down. This time though, they decided to carry on nonetheless and quite honestly, that rain made this day all the more magical!! 

Right as Haley and John were announced as the new, husband and wife - that rain gave up finally, and it clear for a while - plenty long enough for these two newlyweds to frolic in this epic field of wildflowers!! ALL THE HEART EYES!!! 

After more on and off again rain throughout their evening of celebrating, some threatening clouds coming in that looked like even heavier rain made these guys decide to do a quick faux sparkler exit with just their dearest - and it was so perfect!