A KC Celebration Session // Kelsey + Stuart

I'm sure it is quite clear already...but photographing my sweet couples, their love stories, their wedding days...their LOVE - it's my favorite. My absolute favorite. Saying goodbye (for now!) with them at the end of their wedding process with me is oftentimes, totally and completely bittersweet... That's why my friends!! When people like Kel + Stu reach out for photos of their precious baby bump - of the next big phase in their lives, and I get to reconnect, revisit, and photograph them again, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that!! 

These two cutie patooties right here...Kelsey and Stuart, they got married back in May of 2015, which feels equal parts like yesterday, and like sooo many years ago. And NOW my friends, they are expecting their first babyyyy!!

I sooo enjoyed seeing these guys again and photographing this crazy-special time in their lives! I can't even wait to meet Baby H!!!