A Timeless Wedding at The Legacy at Green Hills // Courtney + Austin

Courtney's Dad said it better than anyone else could. He explained how over the years Courtney had dated some guys he wasn't so fond of...and how as her Dad, he tried to explain to her that he just thought she would end up choosing someone "better than this". As Courtney exerted her individualism and stood by her decisions, she didn't exactly like hearing these things. Whether he was right, or wrong, it didn't matter at that time. 

When Austin came along though...Courtney's Dad had a different opinion...a good one, an extremely good one. Again, in his words, for a man like Austin...who, unfortunately lost his own father at a young age, one would assume without a father figure, a young man might stray from a path of good choices in life. But not Austin. The type of person he grew up to be, and the type of person he is, is every single element, characteristic and quality that Courtney's Dad ever hoped for his little girl. And then some. 

Austin compliments Courtney in endless ways, he builds her up, and never stops (verbally + wordlessly) reminding her that she's the most special, and beautiful woman in the world. Courtney compliments Austin as well, brings endless smiles to his face, joy to his life, the reminder to "cut loose" sometimes, and the comfort of faithfulness in the simple act of how she reaches for his hand when he least expects it.

These two seem to walk through life together as each other's biggest supporters - that one person you can always, always count on. And what they share together is soooo incredible to witness, watch, and photograph! I for one didn't want this day to end, and I imagine they felt the same way! Loveeeeed their day so so much!


One of the most special things I've ever photographed... Austin's wedding band full of memories itself, belonged to his Dad. Engraved on the inside, it reads "May the circle be unbroken."

These two exchanged letters before their ceremony and read them independently...both in moments that I had to choke back my own tears!

A handshake that speaks wordless volumes!

One of my absolute favorite bridal party shots everrrrrr!!

I loveeeeee their portraits sooooo much!!

Once their reception was underway and their first dance had come to a close - we snuck back out to the field quick! The sun had pretty much already set, but the skies were full of cotton candy clouds....and these....these pics...oh my soul! Some of my most favorite, ever!! Especially the ones where they were laughing hysterically!!! 

Ohhh and let's take a minute to talk about this awesomeeeeee old truck that belongs to Austin, and how perfectly decorated it was!! AAAHH!!!!!


The amazing team behind this perfect day! 

Ceremony + Reception Venue | The Legacy at Green Hills
Florals | Wild Hill Flowers
Hair + Makeup | LauraBeth Artistry
DJ | Duncan Mobile DJ Services
Cake | Hyvee
Invitation Suite | Elegant Wedding Invites
Bride Gown | Something White Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaids Attire | Mia's Bridal
Bride Engagement + Wedding Ring | Meierotto Jewelers


Photography | Elizabeth Ladean Photography | Instagram | Facebook

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