Monday Musings, edition five | weddings, pumpkins, + October chaos


I'm about to spit-ball this Monday Musings post real fast, kay? Kay. 

>> October is chaos. It's always chaos. I love that saying about "October is to photographers what April is to accountants." Hashtag truth. 

>> I'm swimming in edits like a olympic swimmer. Though, olympians are GOOD, right? I feel like I'm not doing all that good, personally. There's just so much to edit! I'll get there, obvs, just gotta keep swimming. 

>> This past Tuesday I pushed beyond the hectic schedule and had a planned dinner at Olive Garden with a group of 4 old friends that I worked with at my last day job. I haven't hung out with these ladies in almost an entire year - A WHOLE YEAR ALMOST. So, if you're a math kinda person, you're probably adding up to the fact that it's almost been one whole year since I went full-time photographer, right? You're correct, if so! Craziness. 

It was wonderful to step away from the computer for a couple of hours, enjoy some pasta bowls and endless salad+breadsticks (I sound like an Olive Garden commercial) and giggle with those sweet girls! Much needed!

>> I basically logged lots-o-hours the rest of the week in edits, and upcoming wedding day timelines. I'm current on timelines from now until January 2017 - whoohoo, small victory!! 

>> Saturday gave way to a beautiful day, and one of my October weddings of this preshhhh couple named Ashlie and Michael. Those names might sound familiar - their engagement session just happened recently! If you want to revisit their engagement photos, you can do so here! 

Their wedding day was beautiful!! GAH!! Such a great group of people! Ashlie not only did just a first look with her sweet hubby-to-be, but also a first look with both her Dad and Step-Dad. Does anyone realize just how much I love first looks!? And this sweet girl gave me THREE to photograph!? Yaaaassss!! Ashlie and Michael both have wonderful families and every person there was thrilled to the max for these two!

Aside from great families - they also had one of the best bridal party groups ever! It's not always easy walking in as the "newbie" into a group of people who are family or long-time friends.... and then essentially following them around all day long. I'm a fortunate photographer who gets welcomed into the pack on the regular, and that was especially true on Saturday! Not only were they warm and welcoming, they all were also crazy-helpful!! 

More sneak peek photos are over on Facebook, but here's a few!! - 

Aren't they ALL such a beautiful group!? AHH!! 

>> Sunday morning I woke up in pretty much the exact same position I fell asleep in. Weddings wipe me out, bro. #worth

I lounged around. Processed and posted A+M's sneak peek. Then the hubs and I took off for my favorite pumpkin patch! Weston Red Barn Farm is sooo near and dear to me!! Not only is it a great pumpkin patch.. It's also out in some of the most beautiful landscapes I know of around here. Anddddd best of all? It's also a wedding venue!! Easily one of my favorites, too! The owner is a dear friend who I always love chatting with - and in the middle of hundreds of people who were there yesterday, we actually ran into him!!  

We chose our pumpkins, perused the country store, took a few pics, and then skedaddled. A quick Target run, and a much-needed salted caramel frappuccino were our final stops. 

Back at home I decorated the heck out of our front stoop with all my new pummy-ummy-umpkins! Just look at them! :) Why do pumpkins make my heart so happy!? 

>> The rest of this month is a continued form of madness + chaos! I will do my best to keep the Monday Musings posts going, friends!

For now though, that's all! :)