Happy Wedding Anniversary, Adria + Derrick!

This wedding anniversary you guys! This one! It means so much :) Adria is one of my dearest friends, and her happiness means so much to me! Her and Derrick's wedding was held near our hometown in North Carolina, and I was (and still am!) so very thankful that I was able to document it!! 

We didn't luck up so much with the weather that day, as it poured the majority of the time - but that didn't stop us at all! Adria had an epic location picked out near her sister's and grandparents houses for her and Derrick's portraits, and it was mind-blowingly perfect! Nothing but row after row of tall, majestic pine trees. A+D's portraits, in the pouring rain, surrounded by all those trees...will always be some of my favorite bride/groom portraits! 

Adria's sweet Dad passed away many years ago, but Adria made sure he was "there" with them. Taking an old tshirt of his that had his name on it, and sewing it into her wedding dress. She and her sweet Mom also used several pieces of the precious pottery her Dad collected as the main part of all her centerpieces. Everything was so beautifully done!

Speaking of Adria'a sweet Mom - These two did a Mother/Daughter dance together at the lovely reception, and yeesh there was hardly a dry eye in the room!!

This wedding and this couple will always be so special to me! I'm elated that these guys are already celebrating year one of a lifetime together!! :)