Happy Wedding Anniversary, Cassie + Taylor!

Today marks one year for Cassie and Taylor, yay!! These two were so great to work with! They also had one heck of an awesome wedding party! My goodness, such a fun day! 

These two were married in the same precious little church that Cassie's parents got married in! I loved and still love that aspect of their day, so special! After their sweet ceremony, they had a fun reception at Deer Creek Golf Club. And, In between ceremony and reception we knocked out some crazy-fun and awesome photos of both C+T, as well as that fun wedding party I mentioned! 

I'm so happy for these two lovebirds celebrating year one!! Hard to believe it's already been a whole year! 

Rarely do I get the chance to photograph the bride + groom completely alone in the church - I'm so happy I got that chance with C+T! Love revisiting their images, and am completely wishing these guys the most special anniversary today!! Much love you two! :) :) :)


Guysssssss. This photo of the second Cassie was handed off to Taylor by her sweet Dad goes down as one of my favorite photos EVER! I love the look on Taylor's face so so much!! 


Cassie + Taylor R-O-C-K an amazinggggg serious face! Just look at them!!


Told you they had an awesome wedding party! hahaha these guys were the best!