Happy Wedding Anniversary, Katie + Derek!

Today is the first year wedding anniversary for Katie and Derek and I'm SO happy for them!! Oh goodness you guys - Katie and Derek were two of the most awesome, most sincere, and most calm people I've ever worked with! I originally wrote in their wedding day blogpost that watching these two get married, was like watching two very best friends say I Do, and that's the truest statement ever! 

Their wedding day was filled with Katie smiling SO BIG - the biggest I've ever seen a bride smile! And Derek - who simply couldn't take his eyes off of his beaming and radiant wife!!! Everything they did to make their day special was perfect. 

To make the day even more special - during their reception, Katie gave the most tear-jerking speech to her beautiful parents, for their recent 50th wedding anniversary, and gave the dance floor to them - just them. Talk about tears!! Guys!!! Once again, Katie showed her true colors, and she is simply wonderful!! 

These guys sat aside such a great amount of time for their bride/groom portraits - and I LOVE when couples do this!! These photos are sooo important and having optimal time to do them in is great! I'm so happy with the images we created together on K+D's wedding day! 

Toward the end of the night, I grabbed one of my favorite reception photos I've ever taken, - it's the last one in this post below - K+D dancing the night away!