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One evening last year, I was driving home right at dusk from a lovely little engagement session out in the country. It was a cool evening, and I had my drivers-side window down. The breeze was blowing in, I was totally zen, y'all. Totally. Driving along, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, flying right along side my car - not close enough to touch - but still, quite close. I looked over, and it was an owl. I had a moment of oh.my.gosh. I glanced back at the highway, then back to the owl who had just flapped his wings again and was coasting along beside my open car window. And suddenly, he turned his head and locked eyes with me. For what felt like an eternity, but was probably more like 5 seconds, we just stared at one another - until he swooped upward mid-flight, and I lost sight of him. In that moment though, I felt sooooo connected. I don't even know to what I felt connected to, just something. It's a moment I can't forget, and hope I never do. For someone like me who's always been "an animal person", and someone who thinks owls are majestic and brilliant - it was a life moment, no question! 

After having read this wonderful little book, Wesley the Owl - I'm happy to see that there are others in this world who understand the weight of a moment like locking eyes with an owl. And who understand the love of animals, and the connection that can be made between human and animal. Communication comes in many forms, and isn't always verbal. 

I learned so much interesting stuff about owls in this book! Like, how sensitive they are, how intuitive they are, how smart they are! The term "wise old owl" is no joke you guys! 

The author, Stacy, was fortunate enough to raise a small injured baby owl from infancy to an old man, and though she essentially forfeits a lot of her personal life (owls are very needy!) she undoubtedly gained so so much from her life with little Wesley. She talked so much about the connection between human and animal, and it absolutely slayed me. I love people who KNOW that animals are not just animals. They are more than that. And it is a privilege that we get to share this earth with them. 

I highly recommend this book - I'll warn you that because Stacy was in fact a biologist, there is a whole lot of scientific talk, for lack of better terminology. But! You'll learn so much!! And in addition to learning random facts about owls, and biologist life...you'll also fall in love with Wesley the owl, and want an owl for yourself :)