A trip down memory lane + something new for ELP!

Old photos. Especially these old photos. They mean the absolute world to me. I have this small plastic storage tub in my basement, and while I wish it were even more full, I'm thankful for the amount of photos that are in there. 

There are several photos of my Dad as a little kid.. Playing with his old cars, his bicycle, and his slingshot. Old photos of him and his sister, his cousins. Photos of my grandparents, great-grandparents. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and my great aunts and great uncles.

There are photos of most of my mom's 7 siblings, and several of her parents. I have photos of my Mom from her school days. And photos of her as an adult,...dressed to the nines, wearing a gorgeous crystal necklace - the same necklace I wore on my wedding day. 

There are a decent amount of photos of my parents, when they met, and when they were dating. When they used to go camping and hiking a lot. Though I wish so badly there were more. And there are 5 photos from their wedding day. Five. 

And of course, there are plenty of photos of me - especially in my baby and toddler days. My parents did a good job of documenting those years. And while those photos mean so so much to me too, these old black and white shots of my family well before my time mean just as much. 

Why am I rambling about old photos? Because you guys....printing photos is so important. What if I didn't have any of these? What if I couldn't look back to see what my Dad was like running around outside at age 7? What if I couldn't see the JOY my parents oozed on their wedding day? 

What if you didn't have any printed photos of your family? What if your kiddos grow up and look back for photos, only to learn that they never left a hard drive? What if they got lost on an old hard drive? We all know it happens. 

I could spend hours sifting through these old photographs, and I actually do so every few years. They never get old to me. There is something to be said about the quality and the timelessness of holding a printed photo in your hands. Pleaseeee don't let your precious memories sit on a hard drive forever. Or a disc. Or a thumb drive. Or an iPad. Or any other device for that matter. 

The point of this post, aside from a trip down my memory lane, rambling over the love I have for old photos, and aside from reminding you that printing your photos is so important. I really do have an announcement to share with you :) And I'm really excited about it!

For the love + importance of printed photographs - I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now offering printing services for my clients :) It's kinda big deal! As someone who is suchhhh a proponent for getting images off hard drives and into the hands of your family, and your future family - I'm thrilled to know I can now offer that service for you! 

All of my clients receive their images through an online gallery, and now when they log in to download said images, they will also have the option to order prints AND canvasses in varying sizes! No more risk of your great great great grandchildren not seeing your beautiful faces and special moments!

And another perk is that these images will be printed at one of the best professional labs in the country! Do you understand that?? Your images will be printed by a professional! Not a 19 year old standing in a CVS by a rickety old printer with poor calibration who doesn't care in the least how your images turn out.

You can take these printed photos and create albums like the below - albums that I guarantee you, your great grandchildren will be so happy to have. I know how happy I am!