My Honest Review on Rothy's // for photographers and creatives


I wish I could pinpoint when I first heard the word — ROTHY’S. They seemed to gain popularity among the creative industry real quick, and the general consensus was that they were “the most comfortable flat ever” and also photographers specifically were swearing by them. For someone who’s never ever found a pair of flats that didn’t A: Crush my toes. or B: Rub my heels raw — I was in high doubt. Then I saw their price tag of upwards of $165 and immediately thought YAH NO.

Flash forward several months, quite possibly a year, and they were still getting so much hype within this industry I belong to. I researched a little bit more and found out that Rothy’s offers seriously hassle-free returns. I’m talking free shipping to you, and back to them. And they have an impeccable money-back policy — as long as you aren’t wearing them over and over, or outdoor at all. Learning that made me consider them a little bit since I knew I could order them, try them on in my own home, and return them for a full money-back guarantee if they didn’t work for me.

Ultimately, after a couple of weeks of debate, that’s exactly what I did. Then came the next conundrum.


The majority of people love love love the Points, and admittedly, I LOVE how they look, especially on other people, as I quickly learned. The majority of people will also tell you that you should definitely order a half-size UP. Soooooooo -

I ordered 2 pairs of the Points — one in a 6.5 and one in a 7.

They arrived, and again, from the look of them in my hands, I loved them. The second I put them on my feet, it changed. Quite honestly, I felt like a GIANT GOOBER in those Point style flats. I don’t even know why, but it was a quick decision that this look was just so not me at all.

The bigger issue for me with the Points though? Was that the 6.5 smashed my toes and felt way too tight. And the 7’s? They gave me more space in my toes, but were slipping and sliding on my heels so much straight-out-of-the-box that I knew in no time flat, I’d have blisters.

I returned both pairs of the Points.

Here’s where I gotta brag on Rothy’s like for real though. Remember when I mentioned their hassle free returns? A few clicks and I had 2 pre-paid shipping labels, and literally within TWO HOURS of dropping those two boxes of shoes off at the nearest post office, I received notification that my credit card had been refunded the full amount I paid for both. That one really shocked me — they don’t wait for the shoes to get back, as soon as the return package is scanned into mail service, the refund goes through. Amazing!

I was a bit bummed that the Point’s didn’t work, but thought I would give a chance for the Flat style shoe — they have your average rounded-toe look, which is definitely more my style. I should’ve known, honestly. So here’s what I did next —

I ordered 2 pairs of the Flats — again, one in a 6.5 and one in a 7.

They arrived, and lo’ and behold, the 6.5 felt decent (unlike the Point’s in size 6.5, which immediately smashed my toes), but the 7’s felt PERFECT (also unlike the Points in the same size!).


The same size shoe fits differently between the Point and the Flat style shoe. Who knew! I returned, with zero hassle, and for a full refund, the 6.5 in the Flat style, and kept the 7’s.

Next up — the test of Rothy’s on a full wedding day!

That same week, I wore them to a 9-hour wedding day — and, they were comfortable, for a flat that looks dressy and professional, and for a flat in general — they were comfortable. They move with your feet, so flexible, which is super nice. My feet didn’t really sweat in them, which was honestly a concern I had. I felt no actual rubbing of my heels.

But… midday, I realized that —

One of my heels had been rubbed a little too much…

Truly, a little too much. Not a lot. I wasn’t even aware it had been happening for the longest time, but it definitely was rubbing and I had the smallest amount of skin breakage. The good news, is that even with that, the skin break wasn’t bad, there was no blister at all, and I definitely wasn’t limping around because of the issue (like I’ve done in other flats before!).

By the end of the night, I knew that while they had been super comfortable, the slight heel rubbing was unfortunate and unfortunately, ultimately, a problem for me.

So with that in mind, I did what I’ve done in the past with shoes that fit perfectly but rub just a little bit, and I bought a pack of heel cushions!

Heel cushions to the rescue — problem solved!

Adding these in — and then re-testing my Rothy’s at another event, left me feeling confident in my purchase and excited too!



If you’ve never worn pointed toe shoes of any sort before, don’t be surprised if you don’t love how they look on you, cause that’s exactly what happened to me. Don’t be overwhelmed with the fact that it might take you a few pairs, and a few orders/returns to get this right — like me, who spent $450, but of course ultimately got all that back minus what I paid for the final pair I kept, - $105! (Which by the way, is the cost after their fun refer-a-friend program where you get $20 off!). Also, don’t forget the whole — these suckers can be tossed in the washing machine and washed, I’m sorry but that’s just amazing. This fact means your Rothy’s can always look/feel/smell (haha) like new! Remember that different styles fit differently — case and point, how the Point’s fit so differently for me compared to the Flats!

Do I think they are worth it?? I do, I really do! I don’t exactly loveeee the price tag, but with the discount code and with the fact that comfortable shoes are just simply hard to come by, it’s worth it to me!! Let me know in the comments below how you feel about Rothy’s!! Or if you have any additional questions, I’d love to help!

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