Spring Engagement Session at Loose Park // Allyson + Desi

Despite the fact that she, Allyson, lived in Kansas City and he, Desi, lived in Chicago at the time — a mutual friend that they shared still knew all too well, just how good of a match they would be. So, regardless of distance, that mutual friend had them meet. I could easily say “the rest is history” from this point, cause we all know just how things worked out…

But, all that happened in August of 2015 — and by March of 2016, Desi was packing up and leaving Chicago, bound for Kansas City and bound for finally being able to spend so so so much more time with his girl.

Back during all their back and forth trips, on one of Desi’s trips into KC, Allyson wanted to take and show him one of Kansas City’s most iconic locations - The Liberty Memorial for World War I. It was here that Desi knew it was the spot for proposing — and where, when the time was right, during the cozy month of December, he took Allyson to and asked her to marry him!

These two are beyond perfect for one another, and it’s beyond clear when you’re around them! I can’t wait for their wedding day!