Northland Kansas City Engagement Photography // Abby + Josh

It was their one-year anniversary, and Josh wanted to take Abby to a spot that was near and dear to their hearts - a nearby lake. A lake that had been the site of many dates, many walks together, many talks about their future, and even the site where they first said those 3 little words.

Josh had a picnic ready and they both had gifts for each other. She went first, gifting him a Yeti cup with a decal she had made special just for him and for the cup, and had filled the cup with candies just for him. Josh had a letter for Abby, that, within seconds after he began reading it to her, she was bawling.

Once done with his note, he got up and went over to the prepared picnic basket, telling her that “For this gift, you have to stand up” — he came back with a ring box behind his back. As she bawled tears of utter joy, Josh stood in front of her and listed all the things he’s loved about her since day one, all the things he has found and loved about her now, and all the things he knows he’s going to love as their future continues.

After dropping to one knee, asking her to marry him, and her saying yes through all her tears — Josh had to remind her that she could look at the ring now. Her excitement and joy to marry her best friend far outweighed the desire to even look at the ring — she was that excited, y’all.

To kick things up a notch, Abby’s sister (who lives in Minnesota, not here in Missouri!) then suddenly popped out of the bushes, Josh had orchestrated her being there. A quick text message on Josh’s part seconds later led to both of their families walking up from over a hill — all there, per Josh’s orchestration of the whole thing, to celebrate with them. Champagne and chocolate cake followed!

Talk about a way to really blow your girls mind the day you ask her to marry you, I’d say Josh more than succeeded.

These two are beyond-words cute, and their love is so so so pure and perfect, being in their presence is truly a joy and I’ve already loved my time with them, and cannot even wait for their wedding!