Photography + Business Coaching Sessions with Elizabeth Ladean


Guys!! If you had asked me a few years ago if I ever thought I’d be in this position - the position of offering coaching and advice for fellow photographers and business owners, I would’ve thought oh heck no. But, weirdly enough, things have definitely changed! As my business has grown, and as I myself have grown, I’ve noticed my level of comfort with all of this business-running, wedding-photographer life changing in a very positive away. And what accompanied that, was several people DMing me over on the ‘gram, on Facebook, and emailing me to ask if I offered any coaching or mentoring sessions, or had any educational business-related/photography-related tangible items for sale. Shocking it was, to say the least!

As a kid, I had a fierce dream of becoming an educator, so maybe that’s where a part of this stems from. Regardless, I myself love to learn — whether it’s bouncing ideas off an industry friend, a local meet-up, a conference or learning retreat, or just scouring the web for resources, it’s all so helpful!


With some encouragement, a whole lot of hard work and dedication — I believe any entrepreneur can take their business to the next level that they are pushing for!

After seeing a curiosity and interest for all-things-education from me, I thought ya know why not!? So, here I am and here we go! I’m officially offering in-person and Skype call coaching sessions!!



Here ya go! There are TWO options available -

— A Power Hour — ⁠

This session is perfect for that someone who has a single specific topic that they’d love to learn more about! Maybe you want to learn more about blogging, workflow, posing your clients in a natural way — whatever the topic is, this session is designed for us to pour our time together toward that one pain point that you’d love to learn more about!

— The Full Intensive —

This session is for that creative entrepreneur who has a whole list of questions and might be feeling just a bit overwhelmed by it all! This session was created with the approach in mind of we will tackle as many things as we can during our time together so that you can walk away feeling like your foundation just got even more stable!

For either session — no question is off limits! I’m a total open book and will share all that I know as well as point you toward the amazing resources I myself have used in the past to build my own business!

— Oh hello, headshots! —

One last thing!! You can also add on updated headshots to either session! A chance for us to get goofy and creative together and for you to have some awesome shots of yourself for social, website, marketing, and more!⁠


If you book a Coaching Session with me between now and December 1st (Midnight, CST), I'll throw in the addition of headshots free of charge!