Summer Wedding at Wildcliff Event Venue // Melissa + Brett

Everyone waited in the blazing sun — Brett at the bottom of that hill, Melissa at the top behind wooden doors. The music started up, the lyrics "I'm trying to hold my breath, let it stay this way, can't let this moment end, you set off a dream in me, getting louder now, can you hear it echoing? Take my hand, will you share this with me? Cause darling without you...."

And the doors opened - "All the shine of a thousand spotlights, all the stars we steal from the night sky, will never be enough"

She walked down to him - "Never be enough"

She walked down that hill to that guy, the one who without him in her life, nothing else will ever be enough for her. It's safe to say nothing will ever be enough for Brett without Melissa either. These two tied the knot with page after page of handwritten vows straight from their own hearts. They planted a tree together with their blended sons. They merged a family together that was already a family, now there's just a piece of paper that solidifies it all. And now all that "enough" is indeed, enough.

There were so many magical moments in the air of this wedding day — that midwest heat aside, it’ll truly be a day remembered oh so well by oh so many!

Melissa is SUCH a stunning lady!!

The fact that these guys high-fived once they exited their ceremony really made them that much more awesome! I love this!!

Next up came my favorite part and the thing about Wildcliff that never ever gets old - their views and areas for photos!

The amazing team behind this perfect day!

Venue | Wildcliff Weddings & Events
Florals | Hyvee
Hair + Makeup | Once Upon a Bride
Catering | Hyvee


Photography | Elizabeth Ladean Photography | Instagram | Facebook

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