Adventurous Midwest Engagement Photography // Sarah + Rob

It’s funny how a lot of proposals, after the fact, become a blur — and neither the proposer or the proposee (are those words?) can remember what exactly was said. It’s also pretty special how such a big moment can quickly become not as important when you realize that regardless of what was said — it was said well and the answer was yes and now you’re getting married to your favorite person!

For Sarah and Rob, it’s that same story — they both say that when Rob proposed by the famous St. Louis arch, the ruse to simply pose for a quick pic, while Rob had every intention of proposing....that neither of them can remember if he said anything besides the big question, such a rush of emotion they both got swept up in!

These two couldn't possibly be any cuter, like, for real. Soooo very excited to know them and be a part of this journey they are on!

- couplesElizabethComment