The most visited sites + apps for this photographer


Ya know what one of the best things ever about any web browser is? They have the option of a Favorites Bar, or a Bookmarks Bar where you can basically pin your favorites, or most visited websites to for easy and quick access! It's the little things you guys, but stuff like that makes me happy. It might also have something to do with just the sheer organizational aspect of it, cause if you know me, you know I love loveeee good organization. 

So just what IS on MYYY Favorites Bar you might wonder?? I'm gonna tell you!! Well, technically I'm gonna show you....AND tell you ;)



Seriously, one of the greatest things ever created. I currently use Trello essentially as a client management system. It keeps me up to date with where I am at any given time with my clients, my workflows etc. Anddddd I also use it to build my blog content list, and create my blogging content calendar! Having it easily accessible is of utmost importance!! If you want to know how I use Trello in more detail, you can visit this blog post - How I use Trello to Organize My Business

Let me tell you that I'm alllllll about lists, lists on lists on lists. Evernote (like Trello!) is one of those incredible apps where you can have a desktop version and a mobile version, and they sync together in real time. It's basically the most amazing thing since sliced bread. Evernote I use for a lot of personal stuff like shopping lists, Christmas gift idea lists, etc. But, for ELP purposes, one of the many things I use it for is to keep a list of current and pending wedding inquiries, which is super handy! 

Let's not kid ourselves, I'm horrible at scheduling my social media posts. I'm much more of a fly by the seat of my pants, I'll post when I wanna post kinda girl. Later IS helpful though, and could be way more helpful if I used it to its fullest extent. Mostly, for now at least, I use it to store images that I'll eventually post to Instagram, and by storing those photos in Later, I can access them via my computer, or my phone, at any time! 

I actually don't access Linktree all that often, but it's helpful to keep it on my favorites bar because I always try to just go to, and FYI, that isn't it. It's a tricky little thing. (see: So having it clickable with no hassle or risk of putting the dot in the wrong spot is best for me! 

Definitely love quick access to Shootproof! These guys are who I use (and love!) for my client gallery delivery system!! 

Let's not discuss how long it took me to figure out how other people in the creative industry were shortening their URL's to these fancy and cute condensed versions. Now that I know, I'm never going back, and I love having Bitly readily available at a one-clicker-click!

I'd like to lead you to believe that I'm a total techy nerd who swiftly follows along and keeps up with all things Google analytics. Having that on my favorites bar sure makes me look that way huh?

Isn't it obvious? As much as I overly use words like "awesome" and "incredible" and "gorgeous", the truth is, I make myself bananas overusing them. helps me appear a wee bit more well-versed. And that my friends, is awesome.

This one might honestly get clicked the most often!! As a natural light photographer, I'm planning shoots, the time to meet, the time to end the shoot, wedding day timelines and more all around the sun! This website saves my life! Anddd helps me produce gorgeous images!

Another website that helps me in the photography realm! I'm basically a weather hawk. I watch the forecast and radar like it's my j-o-b. (see: it kinda is).

So I might be a little bit of a nerd after all. And I might check to see the word count of my blog posts before I publish them. 

There ya have it! My most visited websites that I use and go to on the regular! If you have any questions on anything, I'd love to help answer!!