An Ethereal Woodsy Boho-inspired Styled Shoot

Last summer, a mega-huge idea came to fruition between myself and a dear local venue owner (turned dear friend)... Alex over at The Legacy at Green Hills. Between her epic venue and property, a simple fishing boat, a real-life and oh so perfect couple, completed with an ideal dress, exquisite florals, and so much more - this shoot became reality! And my friends.........

it is finally time to share it all with you!! 

A HUGE huge hugeeee thank you to this amazing group of KC wedding pros who came together to make this shoot a dream come true:

Venue // The Legacy at Green Hills
Florals // Wild Hill Flowers
Rentals (the taplescape, glassware, flatware, chairs) // Ultrapom
Ring Box // The Mrs. Box
Cake // Adorn Cakes
Bridal Gown  // Fabulous Frocks of Kansas City
Bridal Gown Designer // Garnish & Frill
Makeup // Miles Makeup
Hair // Candis Ashley Artistry
Invitation Suite // East & West Designs
Our models – Real life couple // Emily & Logan

Ultimately, I could rattle on and on about how thrilled I am to have done a shoot like this (and I am, I sooooo am)....but as always, all I can say could never compare to the real story behind the two lovebirds in these photos, who are so much more than great models, and great friends. Their story mirrors exactly what Alex and I dreamed up for this shoot.

Emily and Logan were beyond the perfect and obvious choice. Two souls who are wildly adventurous, who desperately want to sell all they own, travel the world together, and live life out of an old school teardrop pull-behind trailer. Wooded areas hold their hearts. Nature and all its glory is the biggest inspiration for them both, and in this day and age we live in - Emily and Logan constantly dream of a simplistic and nomadic approach to life. Here's their story! - 

They first met when she was 12, and he was 13. Two home-schooled kids who through the forces of fate, ended up in the same home school program, the same church, the same sports, and more. Emily and Logan's story reminds many of the precious story of Anne (of Green Gables, that is) and her love, Gilbert Blythe. Though Logan never quite picked on Emily to the degree Gilbert did to Anne....their upbringings, their innocence, and their childhoods mimic that famous story.  
Their friendship grew from friends, to a deep bond over those first 5 years, and by the time Emily was "allowed" to date, per her parents, at age 17, she knew her heart had been given to Logan many years before. She says "He was mine, and I, his." over and over as she retells their story.  
Eight months of dating happened before these two ever even shared their first kiss. They took their time, they let every moment, every feeling, and every butterfly sink in.  
In September 2009, Logan asked Emily to marry him, at a little wooded picnic, just the two of them. They said We Do, and We Will on June 5, 2010. And though their wedding day was everything they dreamed and nothing but a wonderful memory - Emily attests to the pressures most brides feel - the pressure to appease everyone else. Ideally, their real wedding would have been exactly as this stylized shoot was. Intimate, peaceful, woodsy, natural, with golden sun-setting hues in the woods, and just the two of them vowing forever.  

Well, my sweet friends, here's to hoping that playing pretend wedding day in that exact setting felt like the real deal all over again!