Hyperbole and a Half - book review | book nook

This little graphic below....


I was using this in my every day texting communication like a crazy person before I even fully knew its origin. Truly, it's the best meme to me, it just works so well at describing certain situations, or... ALL THE SITUATIONS. 

It's origin is in regards to cleaning, "clean all the things" - thus the broom in her hand.
But it's so quickly become crazy popular at describing so many of "all the things".

Drink all the coffee? - insert the above
Edit all the wedding pictures? - insert the above
Do all the errands? - insert the above

You get the idea.

I was (and still am) obsessed with this image, it just GETS ME. 

One of best friends gave me this book for Christmas last year, she's basically a genius. However, I have to admit.. it took a long, long time before I found out that there even was a book - or that that little person is a rendering of a real life girl - a hilarious girl named Allie Brosh.

One of my favorite photographers in the universe, Jasmine Star, - (she's a big reader herself. As if I needed another reason to love her, pffft.)
She posted on her Intagram about having read the Hyperbole and a Half book, and it being "inappropriate and ridiculous" - Good description. However it's also belly-laughing hysterical. 

Allie writes little, relying more on these ridiculous yet so on-point drawings of "herself" to describe the hardships of childhood. The hardships of adulthood. The love of cake. The absolutely absurd ends and outs of life and more, and it goes without saying - she completely nails it, every single story in a no-apologies, this-is-real-life-approach. 

This was a quick read - being mostly images, but you can expect yourself to get stuck on many pages wiping the tears off your face from laughing so hard! I HIGHLY recommend it!! 

Allie also runs a blog, and you should totes check that out! Hyperbole and a Half Blog.