The Venue at Willow Creek | Kansas City Wedding Planner's Dinner Party

The lovely owner of The Venue at Willow Creek - Marisa, decided there was a need in KC for a big get-together - dinner party style, for some of Kansas City's best wedding planner's in the industry - and with that idea, Wednesday, March 30th was born!

Wednesday evening, with a threat of heavy storms moving into our area - Marisa and her amazing team at The Venue at Willow Creek, plus! Her other amazing team behind Olive Events all came together and prepared a beautiful evening. A little rain passed through and we were in the clear!

Marisa and her team assembled an absolutely gorgeous set-up! Her collection of mismatched re-purposed chairs are full of so much color and so much fun - and those combined with gorgeous linens, glowing candles, and her other mismatched collection - a (to-die-for) set of vintage plates - made for an out of this world dreamy tablescape that my camera couldn't get enough of. 

A decked out dessert bar graced one area of the room while tables set for many flowed every where else. And then there was the main table - The one set for every one of us to gather at, chat, and enjoy dinner together. Marisa has these incredible tables which were made specifically for her space - they were lined up in a long row, and those beauties were covered in the most perfect Spring-like tablescape and graced also, with gorgeous flowers. Both came together with the talent of Ultrapom and Hitched in KC

Little Yellow Leaf designed the most perfect paper goods for the event - holding details on one side, and a very special menu on the other.

When the 6pm start time rolled around - the front door was in steady movement for a good fifteen minutes as wedding planner after wedding planner came in! So many lovely faces! Some I knew, some I didn't! So exciting to meet that many wonderful ladies, and all at once even!

Everyone found a seat and dinner was served - Olive Events outdid themselves!
- Blackberry, bacon and blue cheese salad, with citrus vinaigrette
- Bread with whipped butter (who doesn't love breadddd, #amiright)
- Seared scallops with quinoa and apple salad, with butternut squash puree
Oh and after... Remember that dessert table?!
- Chocolate bouchons with fresh raspberries
- Pucker-up lemon tart
- Strawberry cupcakes

Drooling yet?

The evening carried through with all that food, music, good conversation, old friends, new friends, and so much laughter.

For any bride looking for an event space - do yourself a favor and go book The Venue at Willow Creek. AND TAKE ME WITH YOU, KTHX.
If you need catering, flowers, design, invitations etc - you can follow any of those names above to their websites and you'd all be set! :)


Prepare yourself for these beautiful vintage plates!!!


Spring is nature's way of saying, let's party!