Brain On Fire - book review | book nook

I found this book, Brain On Fire through one of my favorite photographers - Jasmine Star. In her words -- "One of the most compelling, strangest true life stories I've ever read." That is definitely a good and accurate description. 

For me, it was also hauntingly scary. Unnerving. And unreal. There were pages and moments I literally had to put the book down because I got so wrapped up and completely freaked out. 

Susannah Cahalan was a young, healthy, vibrant twenty-something living life in NYC when, with no real warning - at least nothing she would recognize until after - she, in every sense of the phrase "lost her mind."

Susannah's story will open your eyes to a very scary auto immune disease that maybe, like myself, you've never heard of. And once you know about it, you might, like myself, become terrified of it. 

The cover of this memoir will tell you right away that this disease came and went - the "My Month of Madness" makes it immediately clear that she isn't still sick. But the events that occur to Susannah during that month are likely to haunt you. It's unbelievable how easily, and unexpectedly your own body can completely betray you. And how those acts of betrayal can change every single thing about what makes you, you. 

Definitely worth the read.