A Midwest Wedding Wish | Colleen + David

Their first date was April 7, 1979. They were in high school together, and quickly after that first date they became infamous high school sweethearts. Colleen and David hit it off way back when, so regardless that their paths went in opposite directions after high school, their bond never left their hearts or minds, and ultimately, life brought them back together again.

If you ask them today, they'll both say the same - they thought of each other very often over the years, and knew that unfortunately back then, the timing just wasn't right; though, their friendship and love for one another never quite faded. 

In 2010, Colleen and David reconnected through Facebook and their line of communication essentially picked up where it had left off. Life then threw these two an unexpected curveball with Colleen's cancer diagnosis. When she told David the news, he began calling her every single day just to check on her - always reminding her that no matter what, he wasn't going anywhere, this diagnosis didn't scare him away, he was there to stay. 

Last year, David moved back into the Kansas City area and these two were finally - at last, together again. David continued to be her rock during her weak moments, as things got shaky and her time became limited. Colleen knew the only thing she really wanted was to become David's wife, finally - after all these years. But with mounting medical bills, a wedding wasn't exactly in the cards. 

That's the part of their story where myself, and a handful of other incredible wedding professionals heard this story and banded together. On Sunday, February 28th - Colleen and David got their wedding wish. To be a part of this incredibly special day is something I don't take lightly - it was the highest of privileges, a tear-jerking life moment. 

Colleen left that oxygen tank off to the side and she walked down that aisle on the arm of her precious grandson, Jayden - through her close friends and family she went, right to the man of her dreams. These two made eternal promises to one another. They laughed, they cried - and everyone else did the same. Finally being announced as the NEW Mr. + Mrs, these two kissed like tomorrow would never come. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent in high celebration - forgetting all the negative stuff, taking oxygen breaks only when absolutely necessary, and focusing all energy on the joy that surrounded them. We took some photos on the lovely grounds of Berry Acres and Colleen swung on a makeshift tree-swing, laughing and smiling with her new husband. These two walked hand in hand by haybales, and held each other close while they soaked in every single moment. 

Colleen + David - There aren't words. I'm so thankful to have met you, to have known you, and to have been in the presence of  the deep love you two share. What you two have together are what century-old fairytales are written about. I know you guys will enjoy every single fraction of a second - and I continuously pray for more time for you both to be together. Thank you for everything. 

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To the beyond-incredible team that truly made this day happen - 
Ceremony + Reception Venue - Berry Acres
Flowers - Dixon Designs
Hair + Makeup - Melissa Blayton/Pro Artistry
Invitations - Two Turtles Paperie
Cake - Aunt Mary's Cookies
Frames - Angie Judy
Videography - Beau Vaughn
Officiant - Dave Hackett
Story Cover - EA Bride