What happens after your wedding? >> A photographer's process!


Ever wondered what the process is for a wedding photographer after a wedding ends!? Well I can't speak for all wedding photographers, but I can tell you how this one does things!!

Step one.
- Dance party in my car on the drive home after your wedding. 
>> Sometimes, this dance party is because I'm PUMPED. Sometimes, it's because I'm exhausted and gotta keep myself awake. Just keeping it real. 

Step two.
- Memory card dumping.
>> Your wedding is copied over to my computer from my memory cards the same night. (And then again, to an external hard drive). It pretty much terrifies me to go to bed with wedding photos in only ONE location. So while your precious images are being copied over, I usually can be found on the sofa, devouring a massive bowl of cereal. After all that backing up - I crash.

Step three.
- Culling and sneaky peeks.
>> The next morning I drag myself out of bed with my stiff muscles and tired feet - HEY shooting weddings and running around for 7+ hours does a number on ya. The next part of the process usually pumps me up again - Going through all of your images in a culling process, and choosing which ones I'll end up using for a fun sneak peek!

Sidebar. What is culling?
>> There's probably some fancy-pants definition on the internet, and technically, I "cull" twice - Once in the very beginning, and then again as I edit your images. To me, this initial "culling" process is nothing more than going through and deleting the trash shots - test shots, blinks, ones where I caught Uncle Bob mid-sneeze. The ones you don't want, trust me.

Step four. 
>> Yeah, I really get excited about this part. I LOVE posting sneak peeks!! By the time I've chosen a few to post, I'm SO over the top excited about them that I can't wait for you, your new husband, and ALL your family + friends to see them! Sneak peeks are such a good way to get you guys even more excited for what's to come! I usually get after the bride/groom portraits more so than the detail-type photos for sneak peeks. Let's share some images of what I mean right now!! 


See wasn't that FUN!!?

Step five.
- Editing + Processing. 
>> I'm sure you know, but truly, the time it takes a photographer in post processing is soooo much greater than the time it took said photographer to actually document your day. We're talking double-digit hours. Is it fun though? YAAASSS!!!

Step six.
- Saving. Backing it up. Delivering.
>> Once your wedding day is all processed and ready for your eyes to see, I save save save, and back up like crazy. Then the time comes for you guys to see your full and complete set of images! I love delivery days!! 

At this point we might be all done, (sad day). It really comes down to which wedding collection you chose! After your image collection is in your possession, I would do one or all of the following:

- Blog your wedding day!
- Have you choose images for your wedding album!
- Design your wedding album!
- Have you approve your album design!
- Order your album!
- Deliver your album! 

Then, then we'd be all done :)

And now ya know!