The Best of Wedding Day Details in 2017

Wedding days are full of SO MUCH PRETTY that I sometimes jump up and down upon arriving at each and every one... I LOVE photographing details, beautiful venues, outdoor ceremony locations... The florals, the decoration, alllllllllll the small and big details that make wedding days everything that they are! These things mean so much to my couples, as they should! A whole big bunch of work goes into all of this and it's so worth photographing! 

Aside from all the pretty details, you gotta know too, that there are details within during that getting-ready phase of the big day. That part of wedding days is easily one of my favorite parts of all...because there is simply magic in the air! And you completely get wrapped up in it! That reason right there is why I'm ALSO including my favorite detail shots revolving around wedding day MOMENTS from 2017!! 

From soft florals to grand venues, to breathtaking diamonds and custom cufflinks.... From the earrings and shoes, the ties and socks, to the help from a bridesmaid and a laughing fit between best friends - it's all here! 

Starting off with one of my FAVORITE VENUES.....Eighteen Ninety Event Space!! Shooting here is like, YAASSS and I'm thrilled I was there multiple times in 2017! I mean, just look at this place... 

Brides getting ready for their big day are SUCH a pivotal and beautiful moment, and this single shot of Christa made my little heart flutter! Such a special moment!

Miranda's burgundy and gold color scheme was on point for her September wedding.....and Wild Hill Flowers (as ALWAYS) completely, 1000% nailed her look! These bouquets though!!! 

My neutrals-loving-heart was like woooooooooooooooooooooo for Amanda's colors!!

Jessica's bouquet.....Jessica's dress.....Jessica's makeup.....Jessica's HAIR!!! (insert all the heart eye emoji's one blogpost can hold)

Wild Hill Flowers does it again with this beautiful swag across the pergola at The Legacy at Green Hills!! 

Austin marrying the love of his life with the same wedding band that belonged to his Dad was one of those details that make me fall even more in love with what I get to do! So so so beautiful and so so so special!! 

Speaking of Courtney and Austin.....they chose to exchange handwritten letters to each other prior to their ceremony, and both read them in quiet moments like below....anddddd.....I was dying a little behind my camera. 

Groom-getting-ready-shots in a big huge hotel room with lots of good clean natural light!? OH HECK YES. 

OH 2017 wedding season, you were beautiful and filled to the tippy-top with gorgeous details!