The Best of Weddings in 2017

Ohhhhh wedding absolute favorite!! These days are filled with simply so.much.emotion. That level of emotion is typically near tangible, and being the one to come in and experience it alongside couples who have turned into friends, as well as document it in the form of photos is so wonderful and important to me! 

From first look moments that send goosebumps up your arms, to that pivotal moment when blushing brides are about to go from standing next to their Dad to standing next to their almost-husband. It's all in here, it's all in these images below! The joyful and laughter-filled photos of my couples together just the two of them, and also with their wedding party groups, celebrating the big day, you'll find that too. Those intimate moments during the ceremonies that bind love stories, and turn them into legacies. Those exits back up the aisle from said ceremonies, where all their faces seem to say is WE DID IT. It's all in here, too. Those tearful first dances with Dad, who exude the emotion of knowing his baby girl is all grown up, that didn't get missed, it's in here as well. 

It'd be easy (not really) to showcase my favorite wedding day portraits only, just those shots I love SO much of my brides and grooms.....but it's not just those portraits that tell these stories - it's everything, it's all the things in between. It's every moment. So bear with me on how long this is, all these love stories need to be seen! 

So here we go friends, settle in and buckle up - my absolute favorites from weddings in 2017!


Megan's Dad letting her use his fully restored vintage truck was SUCH a highlight, and made her and Shawn's wedding day even more special!

Ohhh Jessica and Rachel's wedding day....the ceremony where I may or may not have cried....a lot. 

Christa and the KC skyline, competing for most spectacular in May!

One of my favorite dress-twirling shots everrrrr!!! Amber, you are radiant!!! 

Jon's tearful reaction to seeing Emily for the first time on their wedding day - YES.

The purple wildflower photos above of Emily and Jon are easily some of my most favorite shots ever -- but let's also talk about them during their reception...specifically at the cake cutting time. After cutting their cake, these two fun-loving, oh-so-cute, and beyond-perfect-for-one-another couple proceeded to DANCE with their cake....mouths full and everything. Ask me how much I love these two!! 

Ohhh Julie and Nate (swoon)

I basically can't describe how ELATED I was in this moment....the river right beside us raging on and spraying us with this fine mist made for one heckkkk of a set of photos, and I am obsessed with them all! Especially this first one below!

And thennnn....Makayla and her sweet Mom did a first dance together at the reception, and pretty much cried in the most beautiful way the entire time! Bonds like this, and moments that really illustrate them...are so so so sooooo wonderful to photograph!

Lorraine and her Dad's father/daughter dance was emotional for basically every single person in that room!!

Speaking of emotions!!!!............

Please don't ask me how hard I cried. 

Couples portraits of both smiling nicely at the camera, while necessary, are usually not my cup of tea really... But this one of Miranda and Trent? I love it. Why? Because we took this just moments after their emotional and tearful first look....and if you look close, you'll see, they still have tears in their eyes....(and I die).

Favorite exit shot!!???? YEP SURE IS

The oh so beautiful 1890 Event Space, and the oh so precious, Samantha and Jared! 

Samantha's sweet, sweet parents during toasts,....ughhh my heart!

Chad's reaction to seeing Jessica in this moment is so perfect!!

Theseeeeeeeee moments. THESE. When everyone is standing, when you're on the brink of going from that position to the next, when your future is staring you straight in the eye, when it's so emotionally-charged everyone near you feels goosebumps!

Oh and also these moments....and the handshakes that silently say so so so much..

Favorite wedding party shot of the entire year - possibly of all time!!! I even prefer it in b+w!! 

Courtney and Austin's wedding day portraits are easily some of my most favorite ever - but these next 2 shots of them...that happened during the reception, after the sun had dipped below the horizon line....and it was just us in the field next door....and they were full of so much joy and laughter....Yeah, yeah, yes, yessssssssss

I've said it before and I'll say it again..... Rachel and Jake's first look....and Jake's reaction, is total first look goals! 

Jordan and Justin are the definition of joyful.....

And THAT, my friends, is a wrap! I kinda can't help but feel emotional looking back over this unbelievably incredible year!! Obviously I am thrilled for 2018 and all the wedding days I get to be a part of, but wowwww do I ever feel a very definitive sadness knowing these 23 couples above and their extraordinary wedding days are behind me! It has been SUCH a JOY! 

If any of you wonderful couples checked this post out.... THANK YOU AGAIN, it has been an honor my new friends, such an honor!