Tennessee Family Photography | The Hull Family

I've known these two awesome parents for a long, long time - but only recently had the JOY of meeting their beautiful little kiddos! These guys live in Tennessee now, but made a trip over to North Carolina when I was there back in October - and thank goodness they did, because it meant I finally got to meet AND photograph these too-cute-for-words kids!

Us six got together on a cool and overcast Sunday afternoon for a little mini family session in my, and their, old hometown! It was fun to explore alleyways I only used to walk by! Logan is their oldest and he's the sweetest little thing. So mature for his age! Haddie, or Haddie-cat is their middle baby and my goodness is she awesome. Red hair and red hair spirit! She definitely wanted to be in charge on our photo excursion, and it made for some adorable shots! Last, but so not least - is their newest little squish, Miss Isla Mae. With a name like that, you know she's as precious as precious can be, and she absolutely is.

Crystal & Bruce - Thank you guys sooo much for coming into town and making a little time in your schedule for some family photos! SO glad I was able to meet those babies, see you guys again, and photograph all of you! xoxoxo

Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2333.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2335.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2332.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2334.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2336.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2337.jpg

Little Haddie-cat led the way!! :)

Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2338.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2340.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2339.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2341.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2342.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2343.jpg

A true family! Babies are upset, and all Mom & Dad can do is laugh about it! This is LIFE! :)

Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2344.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2347.jpg
Tennessee Family Photographer-Hull-Oct_2346.jpg