North Carolina Family Photography | The Hill Family

During my time in North Carolina in October, I also got together with this precious little family for a mini family session! Amanda and Dustin are another couple of people in which I go way back with! I hadn't had the chance up until then to meet their too-cute daughters - and let me tell you, they are SO sweet! 

Haven is sooo mature for her age, and took direction like a pro. It likely helps that this girl is in dance, and rocks it in front of so many people so often! Little Kinley is SO full of spunk and hilarity that my job was done when it came to making genuine smiles happen! Amanda and Dustin were awesome too of course, - laid back parents are the best! These guys hadn't had family photos taken in a while, so I'm so glad we were able to get this session in!!

Us five got together on a partly sunny Monday afternoon in our hometown for this little session - the truth is, we actually did this session at the location of mine and Wes' second reception back in 2012! :) This place is near and dear to me, and this little family was the perfect group to revisit this location with. 

The Hill's! - Thank you guys SO much for having me do a mini family session! It was obviously so great to see you guys again, and meet those girls of yours! I hope you love your images!

North Carolina Family Photographer-Hill-Oct_2359.jpg
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