North Carolina Anniversary Photography | Jess & Chris

I've known Jess for so many years now, and she's the sweetest, most awesome girl! Her and I have so many things in common - especially when it comes to our love of shabby chic. And this girl knows how to take a thrift store find and turn it into something incredible! From furniture to fashion, she's the cats pajamas! She runs a blog all about her thrift store finds, and her transformations, and you should totally check that out! Confessions of a Thriftshopaholic.

Her and Chris were married in September of 2012 - less than a month before Wes and I were married :) Their ceremony and reception happened in the same venue that we used for our second reception! Jess proved once again her awesomeness that year, with relaying helpful info to me regarding our venue, and I appreciated her help so much! 

For Jess and Chris, their 3-year anniversary happened just a few days before we arrived in North Carolina, so a mini anniversary session was definitely in store! We got together on a hazy little Sunday afternoon at a gorgeous Episcopal Church close to mine and Jess' southern roots. And these two lovebirds knocked it out of the park :)

These guys obviously share a deep bond - they know how to have fun together, laugh together, and love each other unconditionally. 

Jess & Chris - SO enjoyed spending some time with you guys this October!! I hope you love your images! And Happy Anniversary!! :)

North Carolina Anniversary Photographer-J&C-Oct_2313.jpg
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