A Kauffman Performing Arts Center + KC Skyline Engagement Session | Kristy & Travis

Is it just me, or do Starbucks every where have a way that results in love connections?  Kristy & Travis "met" online, and after several weeks of chatting they finally decided to meet in person at what would become another fateful Starbucks location, for them, it was the Starbucks on the Plaza.  Mocha's, pumpkin spice lattes and endless conversation, - it was truly the start of something big.

Kristy had brought reinforcements, and a game plan - 3 girlfriends to hang out nearby and watch for the signal of Kristy pulling her hair back into a pony. This would mean this guys a real creep and I need saving by way of a fake emergency phone call. The pony never went up, and 3-hours later the girlfriends gave up and left. Kristy & Travis hit it off in ways that I think surprised them both, several hours of nonstop conversation until finally a barista had to ask them to leave due to closing the shop down. 

That coffee date turned into a another date down the road, then another, then another. Until finally, on Travis's birthday - HIS birthday y'all - he agreed to go to the OPERA at Kauffman Performing Arts with Kristy. If she hadn't already seen that this guy was a keeper, I'm guessing this sealed the deal. 

Later on down the road it was a trip to Chicago, and a tour of the city by way of Lake Michigan. Kristy wondered if aboard that boat, a ring might pop up but she recounts the story as saying she saw no "ring box bulges" anywhere on Travis! That's because that little sneaky mcsneakerson had the ring folded into his wallet ;) So it happened - and obviously she said yes!

I met with these guys several months ago - at the Plaza Starbucks no less!! and I instantly crossed my fingers+toes that these guys would book with me. Why you wonder? Because I absolutely adore them both. K&T are my kind of people, sooo much fun to be around, so full of LIFE, and so sweet! Wedding plans are underway for these guys and their upcoming May 2016 wedding, and a big part of that means engagement photos! Us 3 + their too adorable for words doggy, Baxter, + a super helpful friend of theirs visited Kauffman Performing Arts to begin their engagement session. These two had to include that place considering the role it played in their early days as a couple! We finished up by the KC Scout with the glorious Kansas City skyline as our backdrop. 

Kristy & Travis - Ugh. I adore you guys! Thank you SO SO much for choosing me as your photographer, truly you don't know how happy you made me!! I had a blast at your engagement session, and it goes without saying that I'm soooo eager for your wedding day!! 

These two started out in sports-teams favorites! The KC Chiefs vs the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2280.jpg

Then they moved into the KC Royals!! :) 

Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2281.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2283.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2285.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2286.jpg

Baxter Boy! :) :) :)

Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2287.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2284.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2288.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2289.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2292.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2290.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2291.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2293.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2294.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2295.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2296.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2297.jpg
Kansas City Engagement Photographer-K&T-Sept_2298.jpg