Kansas City Wedding, Executive Hills Polo Club // Alexandria + Mike

In her beautiful wedding gown, wearing her grandma's earrings and her mama's necklace (that she put on her daughter!), she walked up behind him on the sidewalk of the church they marred in, and before even letting him know to turn around by touching his shoulder, she simply stood there and shouted I LOVE YOU. No countable amount of time passed before Mike, still with his back to Alexandria, shouted back I LOVE YOU TOO.

There was something about that small space of time that to me, summed up their entire day — the love that radiates off of these two is quite honestly, unreal, and it's so easy to find yourself mesmerized by it.

A church wedding, a lively reception, sunflowers, fun hats for most all, a front porch of rocking chairs, a lawn full of yard games, lots of family and friends in town, and an epic sunset rounded out their joyful day — and that joy had its own heartbeat. Shortly after sunset, a storm rolled in and covered Alexandria and Mike's wedding day with a good luck rain storm.

I'm soooo thankful for to know these two here, and so so happy to see them now as husband and wife!

Executive Hills Polo Club, or EH Polo Club — same place! Never ever disappoints! Their aesthetic was so perfect for Mike and Alexandria’s big day!

Heading out for bride and groom photos was sooo well timed considering a storm was rolling in, andddd the fact that we got this amazing sunset! Combine those two factors with just everything that Alexandria and Mike are in front of the camera….and holy guacamole, I love these guys!!


Alexandria’s sweet Dad surprised his wife with their first dance song during the reception and oh my goodness, it was the sweetest thing!

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