Elopement Wedding Photography, Overland Park Arboretum // Katie + Derek

It started on a school bus in eighth grade. A quick friendship turned into something neither of them were quite sure about. Shared interests, similar personalities — it was adding up. When he had to move away, she gave him his first kiss. When his Dad found him later in tears, the question that had been lingering was finally asked - "You love her, don't you?" The answer was yes.

Years later, after reuniting, another yes answer came, but this one from her, when he asked the big question of "Will you marry me"

And in June, in a quiet spot of the Overland Park Arboretum, with simply five perfect guests, an officiant, and a photographer, Katie + Derek exchanged handwritten vows and made promises to each other that truly began many, many years ago and that are going to last a lifetime!

I love this next photo so much, and it’s so random… but while Katie and Derek were taking photos off on their own, her sweet Dad and his sweet brother were busy bees ensuring that their ceremony site was just perfectly perfect.

One last look at your sweet Dad before he hands you off to your future husband!


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