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I can't really remember how I found Hannah Brencher. Pure luck is my guess. First, I stumbled on her Instagram. Then, I discovered her book. After asking + receiving this book for Christmas, I then let it sit in my book cabinet for a year. I spent 365 more days following Hannah, and learning more about her through her social media. Finally, a couple of months ago, I decided it was time to pick this book up and start flipping pages one by one. And I just have to say, there's something about reading a book that was written by someone you "know" - quotations you guys, I don't know Hannah personally, though I feel like I do, and I certainly wish I did!!

If You Find this Letter is a book about letters, obviously - but it's also so much more than that. It's a personal journey about a girl finding her way in this old world. It's about a girl finding God in ways that are far beyond the confines of a 4-walled church. And if I'm being real, those are my favorite ways to find and see and feel God. In the every day. In moments that are bigger than ourselves. In acts that could easily go unnoticed, but don't. And In the good of good hearted people in this world. Because at the end of the day, yes there's a lot of hate out there, but oh there is love, too. Oh this book my friends, it's such a good one.

Hannah does an amazing job of being real and honest, and just making it very clear that any one of us can have a lasting impact, we all have the power to change things, to create things, to be more than just a blip that borrows a few years here on this earth. She started something so simple, - leaving letters for strangers to find, letters to uplift and encourage, and remind people - hey, we're in this together. And that little and simple act morphed into something a million times bigger, all because Hannah grew faith in letting God take the reigns.

Read it. And be prepared to want to take on the world afterwards.