A Thousand Acres | book nook

On my birthday this past July, I told Wes that I didn't want to do anything major, and maybe we could just run a few errands. How domestic and pathetic does that sound? But it's true! I am such a to-do list type of person, and when I can't cross items off, it makes me a little crazy. So, my birthday wish was to tackle things we hadn't quite gotten around to doing. Aside from that, we did do some other fun things, like eat lunch and dinner at two of my fave places in KC. As well as, visit a little used bookstore I had been wanting to explore!

Up and down the rows and shelves of endless books we went, where I quickly spotted The Kite Runner and knew I had to have it. From there, I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I went up to the man behind the counter and announced "Today is my birthday! And in honor of that, you should absolutely choose a book for me, any book at all, and I'll get it. It'll be like a surprise!" He surprisingly, did not look at me like I was crazy. And, after asking what type of books I enjoy, off he went in search of this awesome and amazing read. First, he chose "The Secret Life of Bees" - how ironic right?! That was my most recent read! Then, he chose "Fried Green Tomatoes" - one of my most beloved movies. His third choice was none other than the below... "A Thousand Acres".  Back at the register he announced "Birthday books are free around here!" and sent us on our way.

Now, let me say that I was so excited by this entire situation. The fact that in my randomness, I had asked a perfect stranger to chose a book for me, and he had done so... I couldn't wait to read this. I mean come on, the way this happened.. Of COURSE this book would be completely life altering! Look at how it came to me!

Not the case.

If you are a person who truly enjoys learning and reading about FARMING, then you'll love this book. However, that ain't me, bro. Pretty much the entire first half of the book was all about farming, and how farmers are constantly set to "out farm" the farmer down the road. The book gave small hints and short details about the family it is about, but not a lot. About three quarters into the book, a major family secret was revealed and all of a sudden I was hooked. From there though, it went a little something like this:
major family secret revealed > affair #1 > family fighting > a secret marriage > more family fighting > more farm talk > murder threats > farm talk > a bad accident > family fighting > affair #2 > suicide > farm talk > attempted murder > a courtroom trial > deaths.
Truly, it felt to me as if the last quarter of the book had to somehow very quickly wrap things up by using every possible plot under the sun.

Do I recommend this book? Only if ya like farming combined with insane drama.